Jan 18 2017

The Riverman by Alex Gray

The Riverman by Alex Gray

The Riverman
by Alex Gray
on Tour January 9 – February 15, 2017


Fans of atmospheric police procedurals will love watching Glasgow vividly come to life with the shocking twists and turns that have made Alex Gray an international bestseller

When a dead body is fished out of Glasgow’s River Clyde the morning after an office celebration, it looks like a case of accidental death. But an anonymous telephone call and a forensic toxicology test give Detective Chief Inspector William Lorimer reason to think otherwise. Probing deeper into the life and business of the deceased accountant, a seemingly upright member of the community, Lorimer finds only more unanswered questions.

What is the secret his widow seems to be concealing? Was the international accounting firm facing financial difficulties? What has become of the dead man’s protégé who has disappeared in New York? And when another employee is found dead in her riverside flat these questions become much more disturbing. Lorimer must cope not only with deceptions from the firm, but also with suspicions from those far closer to home . . .

Book Details:

Genre: Police Procedurals
Published …

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Jan 17 2017

Blue Tide by Jenna-Lynne Duncan

Blue Tide by Jenna-Lynne Duncan

Title:   Blue Tide

Author: Jenna-Lynne Duncan 

Published:  January 9th, 2017  

Publisher:  Clean Teen Publishing

Genre: Action & Adventure/Pirates, Dystopian


An award-winning YA adventure-packed romance steeped in Middle Eastern culture and set in the Asian Pacific amongst dangerous oceans and tropical islands.

Seventeen-year-old refugee Lux plots her escape from the island where her family is stranded, denying that her home was lost in the Floods. Lux is determined to get her old life back by any means possible. But before her feet even leave the sand, she’s taken hostage by a vengeance-driven pirate nearly as young as she is.

Her capture is the key to his freedom…

Captain Draven’s scarf veils more than his face. Underneath, he struggles between morality and survival. When Lux sees deeper into his motivations, she’s torn. She can commit mutiny to escape to a home that may no longer exist, or she can try to help Draven escape the clutches of the person responsible for the deaths of half the world. Staying …

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Jan 16 2017

Dead Cold Brew by Cleo Coyle – Review + Giveaway

Dead Cold Brew by Cleo Coyle – Review + Giveaway

Dead Cold Brew by Cleo Coyle

is the 16th book in A Coffeehouse Mystery series. I am about 1/3 of the way through the book and will update soon with my full review. I am behind due to an unexpected death in the family. My apologies for not having my review totally finished. I can say that I’m really enjoying the intrigue in this installment. Their are two different mysteries intersecting, one taking place sixty years ago and one taking place in present day. It makes for a really exciting story, and I am hoping to finish it this week.

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Jan 15 2017

The Cowboy’s Twins by Tara Taylor Quinn – Grand Finale Blitz

The Cowboy’s Twins by Tara Taylor Quinn – Grand Finale Blitz

On Tour with Prism Book Tours

Book Tour Grand Finale for

The Cowboy’s Twins

By Tara Taylor Quinn

We hope you enjoyed this tour about a charming cowboy, his twins and a TV producer! Grab a copy for yourself while it’s on sale and if you missed any of the stops, go back and check them out…

Launch – Note from the Author

Welcome to The Cowboy’s Twins tour!! This is the third and last book in the Family Secrets Cooking Show series. It’s fun. The twins entertained me from the beginning of the book until the end. And, in typical ttq fashion, it’s emotionally intense, too.

underneath the covers – A Letter from TTQ

Welcome to the Family Secrets cooking show, and the episode where you’re going to see everything that goes on behind the scenes, straight from the show’s creator, producer and director herself, heroine Natasha Stevens.

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Jan 13 2017

Curried Away by Gail Oust

Curried Away by Gail Oust

-Gail Oust

Or, maybe for whom the clock ticks, would be more appropriate when discussing the dreaded “D” word. Every writer dreams of having a book contract, but with every contract comes a deadline. I tend to believe that the “dead” part of deadline is significant. Deadlines are sneaky devils. They lull you into a false sense of complacency when they’re six, nine, or twelve months away. You think you have all the time in the world to whip your story into submission. While in this state of bliss, you take occasional days off to have a little fun, entertain out of town guests, or just goof off. You might agree to speaking engagements, attend a writers conference or two, or even volunteer to moderate a panel. No worry, you tell yourself, you have plenty of time. You have everything under control.

Bam! Then it hits you. A closer look at the calendar reveals the deadline you thought tame …

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Jan 12 2017

River City Dead by Nancy G. West – Spotlight + Giveaway

River City Dead by Nancy G. West – Spotlight + Giveaway

River City Dead
An Aggie Mundeen Mystery #4
Cozy Mystery
Henery Press
January 17, 2017

Aggie Mundeen, who advises readers in her column, “Stay Young with Aggie,” is pushing forty and determined to postpone a precipitous descent into middle-age. She plans to rendezvous with SAPD Detective Sam Vanderhoven at a hotel on the San Antonio River Walk…a vacation from crime and reset for their tumultuous relationship. In the midst of River City during Fiesta Week, what could go wrong?

Aggie’s new friends, the Fabulous Femmes, are holding their convention at the hotel. When hotel guests are murdered, Aggie discovers her friends have disturbing backgrounds. Evil surfaces at Fiesta events, and Aggie’s dancing debut at a Fiesta performance at Arneson River Theater is fraught with danger. Even in idyllic River City, crime complicates relationships.

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Books in the Aggie Mundeen Humorous Mystery Series:

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Jan 11 2017

Flash Crash by Denison Hatch – Excerpt + Tour Giveaway

Flash Crash by Denison Hatch – Excerpt + Tour Giveaway

Flash Crash by Denison Hatch

Jake Rivett #1
Lookout Press
April 13, 2016

When a rogue quantitative programmer intentionally crashes the gold index, it seems that Wall Street’s worst nightmare has come true. In truth, the crisis has just begun.

Across town, an armored truck filled with $120M of gold bullion is hijacked by an ingeniously crafted electromagnetic crane and seemingly driven into thin air.

Programmer David Belov discovers that his virtual “Flash Crash” was simply a required stepping stone towards the largest physical gold robbery in history, and that’s he’s been framed for the resulting chaos, the lives of his beloved wife and son on the balance…

With brooding, hardboiled detective Jake Rivett and the NYPD’s finest operators from the Major Crimes Division actively seeking to locate and arrest David, and other, darker elements nipping at his heels, David is forced to confront his own past in order to have a future.

Goodreads | Amazon

Excerpt One:

A storied investment bank, Montgomery was an utter cathedral of finance. If …

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Jan 10 2017

War Hawk by James Rollins and Grant Blackwood

War Hawk by James Rollins and Grant Blackwood

War Hawk
by James Rollins & Grant Blackwood
January 10, 2017 Book Blast
on Tour February 13 – 28, 2017


Former Army Ranger Tucker Wayne and his war dog Kane are thrust into a global conspiracy in this second Sigma Force spinoff adventure from #1 New York Times bestselling author James Rollins and Grant Blackwood.

Tucker Wayne’s past and present collide when a former army colleague comes to him for help. She’s on the run from brutal assassins hunting her and her son. To keep them safe, Tucker must discover who killed a brilliant young idealist-a crime that leads back to the most powerful figures in the U.S. government.

From the haunted swamplands of the deep South to the beachheads of a savage civil war in Trinidad, Tucker and his beloved war dog, Kane, must work together to discover the truth behind a mystery that dates back to World War II, involving the genius of a young code-breaker, Alan Turing…

They will be forced to break the law, expose national secrets, and risk everything to stop a madman determined to control the future of modern warfare for …

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Jan 09 2017

Heart Murmurs by Brynn Chapman – Blitz + Giveaway

Heart Murmurs by Brynn Chapman – Blitz + Giveaway

On tour with Prism Book Tours

Welcome to the Book Blitz for
Heart Murmurs

by Brynn Chapman

Note from the Author

Heart Murmurs arose from the concept of cellular memory. The story grew from my readings about the experience of a handful of donors who began to have memories…. they did not recognize. With people and place they did not recognize. In one case, a woman was actually able to identify her donor’s murderer.

Cellular memory can refer to: A variation of body memory, the hypothesis that memories can be stored in individual cells.”

I hope you enjoy Mia’s story, her battle with her heart condition, and cheer for her to win her battle with the Secret Literary Society. THE LITERATI.

— Brynn

Heart Murmurs

(Society Literati Series #1)

by Brynn Chapman

Young Adult

Paperback, Audiobook & ebook, 186 pages

December 23rd 2016

Mia Templeton is dying. Or was dying. After receiving a heart transplant, her world is forever altered. Before her eyes open, she overhears her donor was murdered. Whispers …

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Jan 08 2017

Telling Tails by Sofie Ryan – Book Tour + Giveaway

Telling Tails by Sofie Ryan – Book Tour + Giveaway

Telling Tails by Sofie Ryan is book 4 in the Second Chance Cat Mystery series. This fun series features a great cast of characters. From second-hand shop owner Sarah, to a ‘gang’ of seniors in their prime and investigating crime, to a cat named Elvis, the eclectic mix of characters had me laughing out loud.

The author manages to tell a cohesive story with a well-plotted mystery, one that you will devour in a single setting. The compelling mystery, the great setting, and the fun characters are what keeps me coming back to this series. I’m planning on going back to read earlier books in the series that I missed. If you enjoy cozy mysteries with cats, some ‘older’ sleuths, and a story you won’t want to put down, I highly recommend this series. You won’t be disappointed.

Three print copies of Telling Tails by Sofie Ryan are up for grabs in this tour-wide giveaway. For your chance to win, enter on the Rafflecopter below. Good luck!

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