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Sep 20 2018

Spotlight: Author Daniel Banner #FallingInLove $25 Giveaway

Spotlight: Author Daniel Banner #FallingInLove $25 Giveaway

The Honest Warrior by Daniel Banner

Baron Luzader, former Navy SEAL, never liked to talk … until he was forced to do it as part of his post-service therapy. Now, he finds his free tongue gets him in trouble more often than not, especially when he’s assigned to work a surveillance mission with a brilliant, beautiful woman. Eight years in Special Ops didn’t prepare him for Nessa.

Nessa Dimmick finally has a chance to prove herself in her field of Information Management. The biggest perk of the new job turns out to be her hunky partner, a former Navy SEAL with a great smile and no filter on what he says. Baron is different than anyone she’s ever worked …

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