5 Reasons Your Dog Has a Biting Problem

5 Reasons Your Dog Has a Biting Problem

You love your dog, but at the moment face a huge problem. Your dog bites you and others seemingly at will. In order to fix this serious problem, understand reasons why your dog engages in biting behavior.


Something or someone is spooking your dog. Dogs use biting as a means of protection. Certain behaviors around the dog can cause them to be fearful. Keep a close watch when children, adults or other dogs are around.

Establish Authority

Dogs often bite to demonstrate that they are the pack leader. They are the alpha dog in charge. This can be dealt with by establishing your dominance as the alpha leader. You’ve got to be firm and refuse to give in to their authority. Instead, give them commands and train dogs to follow your lead.

Protecting Territory

Dogs are very territorial animals. They may lash out at someone that threatens to invade their space. A classic example is a dog chasing the mail delivery person. A dog sees their home, yard or space as something that should be protected by all means.


Your dog is suffering from an injury or painful disease of some sort. They bite to prevent anyone touching a sensitive area.

Poor Training

Training dogs using pain as an enforcer may lead to the dog developing a biting problem.

Dog biting problems need to be dealt with quickly to prevent serious incidents. Seek out reliable dog training methods such as remote training collar for dogs to deter this behavior.


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