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A Crafter Hooks a Killer by Holly Quinn
A Handcrafted Mystery #2
Crooked Lane Books • June 11, 2019

Community Craft proprietor Sammy Kane suspects that a tantalizing thread links the deaths of her best friend and a bestselling author. But can she weave together the clues?

Samantha “Sammy” Kane is settling into her new life in idyllic Heartsford, Wisconsin, running her late friend Kate Allen’s craft shop, Community Craft when one early June day, bestselling crochet author Jane Johnson visits Heartsford. Captivated by Community Craft, Jane devotes a chapter in her new book, Behind the Seams, to the store. Sammy is honored, though satisfaction quickly turns to shock when she finds Jane strangled to death—her cold hands clutching a copy of her most recently published book, with the words “THE END” raggedly scratched into the cover.

Heavens to Etsy! Not only must Sammy contend with the author’s inauspicious demise, she has to untie some knotty details from her own past. It turns out Kate’s death was not what it seemed, and instead somehow hooked to Jane Johnson’s demise. Handsome Detective Liam Nash is on the “skein”, more than happy to see the shop owner again, if less than enamored by her sleuthing interventions. But this was Sammy’s best friend—she has to know.

Fortunately, Sammy has a “lace” in the hole. As a child, she formed the S.H.E. detective team with her cousin, Heidi, and her sister, Ellie. Having already reconstituted their partnership, the S.H.E. team searches for a pattern behind the latest death. As the case starts to unravel, will Sammy and team be able to sidestep Liam quick enough to stitch together the clues?

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Meet Samantha Kane

Hi. I’m Samantha Kane, but everyone in town calls me by my childhood nickname- Sammy. I own and operate Community Craft on Main Street, in the heart of Heartsford Wisconsin. My shop sells local handcrafted items, and I also host various experts to teach classes on skills such as quilting, fiber art, and glass painting… just to name a few. Honestly, Community Craft is the last place I thought I’d be working. I was attending college as a non-traditional student (meaning- ahem…I was a few years older than the 18-year-old kids I was hanging with). I was studying psychology, when tragically my best friend from high school, Kate Allen, died far too young in a tractor accident. She was the brains behind this operation and created a sense of communal spirit like none other. It was the reason I had to step in and take over Community Craft. I couldn’t let this amazing legacy die with her. Kate had created such a bond with the townspeople by not only selling their wares- but involving herself into the fiber of their lives. When people needed help, they came to Kate. She provided by hosting fundraisers, shining a light on civic issues, leading knitting groups to knit hats for newborns. You name it-she did it. Kate was a dear friend to this town, and I really miss her. Now, I’m just trying my best to fill very big shoes.

Bara, my golden retriever, is the highlight of my life. Sometimes we walk to work because I rent a Cape house not far from town. He loves to come and greet the customers at Community Craft. His dog bed sits directly by the cash register and many of my regulars bring him treats. Some of the crafters make him special scarves for winter so he’s always looking chic. Let’s just say, my dog has it made.

People say I can be… well… impulsive? High spirited… maybe? Some may even say sometimes I come off a bit socially rude because I speak my mind, but I don’t see myself that way. I like to see myself as highly passionate, tenacious, okay maybe sometimes a little too impulsive. But my heart is in the right place. After all, I’m here, aren’t I? Back in Heartsford, a home I thought I’d left behind forever. I must admit, I have gained a few pounds since moving home. Only because my next-door work neighbor- Marilyn, owner of the Sweet Tooth Bakery, keeps bringing me tantalizing treats that I can’t refuse. Totally no fault but my own. My other neighbor, Douglas- across the street, fulfills my caffeine habit at his coffee shop- Liquid Joy. Things are good here.

Anyhow, lately it seems I’ve been getting into a lot of trouble with my sister Ellie, and my cousin, Heidi. As kids we called ourselves the S.H.E. Detective Agency (S-Sammy, H-Heidi, and E-Ellie) and somehow for me the sleuthing didn’t stop with age. As a matter of fact, I seem to be ticking off the new detective in town: Liam Nash. He has recently moved to Heartsford from Minnesota. I’m not sure he realizes the rivalry between the Vikings and the Packers, so he’s moved himself into dangerous territory in my opinion. I think he’s kind of a catch, but it seems we butt heads when it comes to me involving myself into places he thinks I should avoid. It’s just… I’ve come to care about the people of this town and I really want to help. And to be quite honest, I haven’t been looking for trouble, it’s not my fault murder and mayhem seem to fall in my lap. I’m actually pretty good at investigating in my opinion. So, if you’re ever in town and you need a little help, just stop in Community Craft and say hello. I’d be honored to meet you and help you with anything you need… but if it’s about murder, please just don’t tell Detective Nash we spoke- wink-wink!

About the Author

Holly Quinn has published two stand-alone fiction novels in another persona. She graduated from Carroll University in Wisconsin with a Bachelor of Science in business and a minor in marketing. This is her second Handcrafted mystery. Visit her @ www.authorhollyquinn.com

Author Links
Website – http://www.authorhollyquinn.com
Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/HollyQuinnbooks/
GoodReads – https://www.goodreads.com/author/show/7940795.Holly_Quinn

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