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Krys Fenner
(Dark Road Series, #1)
Publication date: September 29th 2017
Genres: Contemporary, Young Adult

Sixteen-year-old Bella Kynaston has been the victim of a brutal rape, by someone she can only describe as ‘the scar-faced man.’ With little recollection of what happened, she must somehow rebuild her life. Being the person she once was proves more difficult than she imagined.

To complicate matters, Bella has just met Jeremiah Detrone, the new guy in school. He’s attractive, funny, and smart. All things she’s ever wanted in a boyfriend. Too bad she’s conflicted over so many unexpected emotions. Without realizing it, she falls down a rabbit hole and begins walking a dangerous line between addiction and self-preservation.

As Bella works together with the police to bring her attackers to justice, will she be able to see it through to the end? And even if she does, will it only bring her more pain and misery? Or will she find an anchor in Jeremiah and figure out how to move forward?

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Gervasio stared at the hospital entrance. His girl had yet to be released. How many days had she been there now? Three days? Four? What day was it? Friday? No. Thursday. It was Thursday. Three days. How much damage had he done? It was dark when he’d stripped her of her clothes. The amount of rage he’d felt was unprecedented. He’d never destroyed someone so badly. He had been in a frenzy that he couldn’t comprehend any more now than three days ago.

Standing aside and allowing another to have her had proved impossible. All his other whores had been taken by himself and one of his soldiers. They’d all been broken in the same way. It was protocol. He’d never gone off on one like that before, though.

Why was the pastor’s daughter so fucking different? What the hell made the little bitch so damn special? He’d taken a virgin before. Couldn’t be that. He’d had a girl younger than her. Couldn’t be that.

Maybe … could it be the connection to his brother? No.

Had to be the connection to the girl’s mother. He’d never taken a mother and daughter before. Yeah. That had to be it.

No. That wasn’t it either. It was an unfulfilled promise.

At least he hadn’t killed her. The mother had deserved no less.

But his girl, his girl was special. She was alive for a reason.

His phone rang. Gervasio snapped the thing up. “¿Si?”

“They completed a rape kit. There’s DNA.”

“No worry. I fix.” He smirked. It would take weeks, maybe even months before the police would have the results. And he’d prepared for the situation. “You have more to say?”

“No, sir.”

Gervasio hung up and tore out of the hospital parking lot. He couldn’t control the girl … yet. But he was far from finished with her. One call, and he’d ensure everything panned out the way he’d planned. Not from his cell phone, though. Not traceable.About two blocks from the hospital, he pulled into a gas station and parked. Keeping tight to the wall and using the shadows to his advantage, Gervasio tugged his baseball cap down and entered the phone booth. He dropped in some coins, then punched in the number to the precinct. One. Two. Three. Three fucking rings. Reminding himself to stay calm, he waited for the piece of shit on the other end to get out his full statement, then spoke. “Detective Simms, please.”

Author Bio:

Krys Fenner has been infinitely passionate about writing and helping people for as long as she can remember. To date, she has published two books, numerous poems, and is now avidly working on a fantasy series. Krys received an Associate of Arts in Psychology and is currently working on her B.A.

To find out more about Krys Fenner and her upcoming book releases, visit her official website:

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