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The Adventures of Prince Iggy Series by Aldo Flynn

21806663Prince Iggy and the Kingdom of Naysayer by Aldo Flynn

This quirky and fast paced story with 30+ illustrations is ideal for middle grade readers and adults looking for a different kind of hero. Kirkus Reviews called the first book in the Adventures of Prince Iggy “An entertaining fantasy with a quirky, inventive storyline that shows how things invariably turn out badly for bullies.” IndieReader wrote “a charming story about finding out who you are and following your heart” and Foreword Clarion said, “Fynn is adept at making scenes come to life…while weaving an entertaining yarn.” San Francisco Book Review concluded, “The book is going to be devoured by readers of any type, whether they’re looking for some fun fiction, a comical read, or a page-turner.”

All Iggy Rose wants is for the kids at the Naysayer Academy to like him, and one special girl in particular. But instead, he gets teased and taunted. Every day, he eats alone in the cafeteria and gets beaten up after school on the playground. But when a cruel prank leads to Iggy’s escape from the academy, a wild, unimaginable adventure begins.

Why is King Naysayer offering a hefty reward for Iggy’s capture? When Iggy joins forces with an eclectic cast of characters, he discovers the answer. But before he can escape from the kingdom of Naysayer, Iggy must first reclaim what is rightfully his. Does this sad, lonely boy have the courage to battle the biggest school bully, a mean headmistress, and a greedy, cruel king? Will Iggy finally believe in himself and discover his true destiny?

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My Thoughts

Prince Iggy and the Kingdom of Naysayer was a delightful beginning to this fun series. The story was fast-paced, original and entertaining. I loved Iggy right from the start and couldn’t help rooting for him. He is a kid that everyone picks on, when it turns out he’s worth more than they could ever guess. The dialogue and story telling are wonderful. I really enjoyed this!

21806680Prince Iggy and the Tower of Decisions by Aldo Flynn

Iggy and his friends set sail for the Rose Kingdom. But Iggy isn’t sure if he has what it takes to really be a prince. Well, he’s about to find out…

When the Lucky Rose 2 blasts off into space, Iggy meets the Rose Star and literally has an out-of-body experience. And that’s just the beginning. His adventures include confronting a hungry shark face-to-face, dancing in a live-or-die talent competition, and battling a blue dragon with very clean teeth.

And when Iggy finally makes it to the Rose Kingdom, Queen Victoria refuses to give up the throne. If Iggy wants to become ruler of the Rose Kingdom, he must enter the Tower of Decisions. Only problem is, very few people make it out alive…

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My Thoughts

Prince Iggy and the Tower of Decisions by Aldo Flynn is a nice second addition to the Adventures of Prince Iggy Series by Aldo Flynn. I enjoyed this story as well, though I did not find myself tearing through the story with the same veracity that I did the first book. I still like Iggy and the dialogue is entertaining and witty. I would definitely read more in this series!


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