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All For You

All For You

It is funny how reading the words for a writing prompt instantly creates a connection to what you want to write about. When I first saw the prompt for this week’s Behind the Blogger hop, I immediately thought of my children. What do you think of when you hear the words “All For You”?

My daughters are my reason for every little thing I do. I get up each day and go to work because I want to provide for them. Maintaining my blog is a creative outlet, but it is also another way for me to make money or receive products or services that benefit them. I started my virtual assistant business because I want to be able to work for myself. Working for myself will allow me to spend my time with them whenever I want. It lets me work around their schedule and I know I will not have to miss any of their programs or activities.

It is my hope that, through my words and my actions, my children see that everything I do is for them. If they were to ask me why I go to work, why I live in this area, why I do all that I do, I would say: All For You. I feel that my entire reason for being is to ensure my children are healthy and happy. That they grow up feeling loved and always knowing they are enough. They are perfect just the way they are and I accept them no matter what.

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