Bamboo Pro Self-Warming Knee Support Review + Giveaway #healingtreeshop

FTC Disclosure: I received a Bamboo Pro Self-Warming Knee Support for review purposes. I did not receive any compensation and my opinion was not influenced in any way.

kneesupportBamboo Pro Self-Warming Knee Support

Bamboo Pro™ supports contain Bamboo Charcoal Technology that offers self-warming properties. Unlike normal supports, it activates with your body heat to bring restorative warmth to your muscles, cartilage, and joints. Natural heat increases blood circulation, which in turn delivers proteins, nutrients, and oxygen to the affected area. This helps ease discomfort, relieve achy joints due to aging, enhance muscle performance, and recovery.

And if you overheat, bamboo charcoal can fluctuate in temperature to provide cooling relief. Bamboo Pro™ is safe, effective, and easy to use. It can be worn all day and night for long-lasting, natural relief. Over 50,000 supports sold!

Bamboo Charcoal –> Natural Heat, which Improves:
Blood Circulation
Muscle Relief
Achy Joints due to aging
Inflammation after workouts

43% Bamboo Charcoal Viscose, 32% Polyamide Fiber, 17% Latex Elastic, 8% Polyurethane Fiber

My Thoughts:
My twelve year old daughter runs cross country. There are times when she needs more support for her knee and I knew the Bamboo Pro Self-Warming Knee Support would work well for her needs. She finds the support very comfortable and loves how it self-warms. It fits well and isn’t tight or uncomfortable. She is able to wear it for as long as she needs and doesn’t have any problems with how it fits her knee. It provides just the right amount of support without being too rigorous. This is something we will recommend to her team mates if they are looking for a knee support.

Directions for Use:
For best results, wear the Bamboo Pro™ support directly on your skin. The support does not need to be tight or constricting for the bamboo charcoal to activate.

Care Instructions:
Machine wash in cold water. Dry on gentle cycle, low heat. Bamboo charcoal is high in absorption so to release odors and pollutants it may have absorbed, place the product in sunlight or under a full spectrum light bulb once a month for an hour, or as desired.

How Bamboo Charcoal is made:
We take Bamboo stalks from sustainable forests and fire them in a kiln for up to 1,800 Farenheit for 2 weeks long. This pyrolysis process creates a bamboo charcoal powder known as “Black Diamond”. From there, it activates with your body heat for self-warming, natural relief. So by itself, it does nothing. It requires body heat to activate.

Bamboo Pro Supports Recovery for Our Troops – Charity Program:
We provide FREE $50 Care Packages with Bamboo Pro Supports for anyone who has served in the military and sufferes from joint issues. Requests can be made by emailing:


Enter for your chance to win a Bamboo Pro Self-Warming Knee Support. Giveaway open until 12/22/2014 at 11:59PM EST. Open to US Residents ages 18+.


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  1. I want to win because I have gained so much fat and I have not been very active lately. 🙁 I use to run everyday but ever since I damaged my right knee in a sparring accident it has been painful to run especially during the cold. I’m hoping this will help!

  2. My right knee has given me trouble for years since I took a bad fall and some days I have a noticeable limp. I would like to give this support a try.

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