Beauty Land by Dani – CD Review

I received a copy of Beauty Land by Dani for review purposes. No compensation was received for this post and all opinions are my own. This post contains my Amazon affiliate link.

Beauty Land by Dani

Dani is a children’s musician whose fairy tale style has been described as “Kate Perry meets Tim Burton meets Disney”. Her CD, Beauty Land, has an enchanted feel to it. The songs on her album take you on a journey through an epic story set in a fairy tale land. It is recommended for ages 2 – 12 and is available as a digital download and a physical CD. The run time is 39 minutes of pure fun and joy.


CD description from Dani’s website:
“The story of Beauty Land is written and narrated by Dani. It centers around two lead characters named Jimmy and Lulu. They are brother and sister and live in an enchanted forest. They get captured one day by the evil Witch and dream about escaping to Beauty Land. Will they make it out? And if so will they be able to conquer all the obstacles that lie ahead? This album will tell you the story of their journey from start to finish.”

Beauty Land Track List
Skipping Through the Woods
Strange Little Witch
Beauty Land
Magic Wish
Jimmy and the Giant
Mrs. Blue
Mountain King
Run and Fly
Tree Creatures
Kangaroo Kids
Beauty Land Reprise

I received a copy of Beauty Land by Dani for review purposes. I was excited to listen to this fun CD, as I felt it would be a good fit for me and my daughters (ages 12 and 3). I am happy to say I was right! 🙂 We all really enjoy this CD and it makes it into our music rotation almost as much as our Frozen soundtrack does. The CD is fun, energetic, and perfectly appropriate for both of my kids to listen to. I love that it is true children’s music, and not some pop/rock/hip-hop something from the radio. I really did feel like I was being taken on a journey when listening to Beauty Land by Dani. My toddler and I love to dance around to it. The songs feel magical and enchanting. I highly recommend this CD – I enjoy it as much as my girls do, and find myself listening to it even by myself.

Be sure to visit Dani’s website for more information. Check out the fun video above to get a taste of Beauty Land by Dani. It is a great CD and well worth the purchase.


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