Book Blogger Hop – Week 1

book blogger hop

So super excited to find a new bookish meme. Yay! Next week, I’ll likely do a combined post of Friday 56 & Book Blogger Hop. But since I just discovered this one, I am giving it its own little post right here. Each week, there will be a question posed to book bloggers to answer and link up. Fun! Be sure to click the button above to head to this week’s post and link up. Here’s this week’s question:

Did you ever make a HUGE mistake when you posted a review? For Example: Did you have the correct book title, but the wrong author in the blog post title? If so, how long until you found your mistake?

I have spelled an author’s name wrong before, both in the title and the post. It was something I didn’t even notice until I received an email from a book tour organizer alerting me to it. Doh! I felt horrible. It’s usually something I am more careful with, so I’m not sure what happened that time. Thank goodness it was only once.


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  1. At least it was highlighted for you and you managed to change it. I made a mistake on Facebook once and typed part of the title wrong the author soon highlighted it for me lol x

  2. Welcome to Book Blogger Hop Brooke!!! So glad you decided to join us in this meme!

    As for me I have spelt the heroine’s name wrong in my review. It was a whole day before I realized it. LOL

  3. Once is enough, huh? I did that once and luckily caught it before anyone noticed. Whew!!

    Welcome to you…so glad to see a new participant for this meme. The participation seems to be slacking off and not sure why. I love these questions and especially the answers.

    Have a great weekend. Lovely blog.

    Happy Hopping!!

    Silver’s Reviews
    My Blog Hop Answer

    1. Thanks for stopping by, Elizabeth! I’m excited to have found this meme, it’s one I haven’t seen before. Yay! 🙂

      Yes, once was more than enough lol.

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