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I am NOT taking Book Review requests at this time. My mother recently passed away. This page will be updated when I am accepting book review requests again. Please do not submit requests. Thank you for your consideration.

I am so excited to start utilizing this awesome new form for Book Review Requests! Please fill out the form below if you would like to submit a review request. The required parts of the form have a red star by them, but please fill out as much of the form as possible – it makes things much easier for both of us. 🙂 You will receive a response from me as soon as possible. Please note: I work full time and I’m a busy mom of 2, so I may not be able to accept your review request. Thank you for requesting a review!


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  • How did you do this form?! I need one for my blog.

    • Hi! I have the Ultimate Book Blogger Plug-in from Creative Whim ( and this is a Review Request add-on. It is such an awesome plug-in, I love getting my review requests this way. It makes it very easy to get requests, respond to them and even to schedule my review post afterward, since I have all this information already included.