BookPal Online Book Store

Buying books in bulk from an online book store is an easy way for schools, businesses and individuals to purchase large quantities of books at a discount. BookPal has fiction and a variety of nonfiction.

BookPal’s juvenile fiction selection includes classics, fairy tales, fantasy tales, mysteries and science fiction. The juvenile nonfiction books will teach children about science, cooking, art and gardening.

Categories of fiction for adults include literary, mystery, romance, fantasy and suspense. Business, health, travel and cooking are a few of the categories available in adult nonfiction.

Elementary, middle and high schools can order quantities of books at a discount. The money saved on books can be used for other school expenses. Schools can order books for their classrooms. Having books readily available may encourage students to spend time reading. Colleges will be able to get a discount on books that are required reading. If they are able charge students less for the books, it will cut down on the students’ college expenses.

Companies who are buying a quantity of books for employee training classes or promotional purposes can order books customized with their company logos on the covers.

BookPal offers flexible payment terms and blanket purchase agreements. They will work with customers who require special shipping arrangements.


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