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They Call Me Superman 7
Title: They Call Me Superman by Michael Goffinet
Publisher: Barringer Publishing
Pages: 334
Language: English
Genre: Action/Thriller
Format: Paperback & eBook
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Marcus Evans is a new kind of super hero. Born with superhuman strength, he is compelled to join the Army Rangers, where his abilities create an unique assassin against the war on terror. After his stent with the Rangers, he joins forces with reclusive billionaire, Robert Sinclair, who has been his mentor and father-figure since the age of sixteen. A whirlwind of action-packed adventures lead Marcus to the discovery of an alien spaceship that unlock secrets about his life, which will shock him to his very core, secrets that Robert has been hiding his entire life.

They Call Me Superman

The prologue opened with a spaceship crashing into the Atlantic around 500 B.C. It carried a team of engineered humans from the planet Gloratory, which landed on Earth fifteen years earlier and integrated into society to monitor the progress of mankind. The leader of the team, Commander Tallaios, fell in love with a native woman and had a son, but a series of events forced him to abandon his mission, leaving behind his wife and child. An immortal child with super-human strength.

Who are these mysterious visitors?

Over two thousand years later, Marcus Evans was born with supernatural strength. His strength leads to the nickname Superman. After his fiancée was killed in the terrorist plot on 9/11, he joined the Army Rangers with his best friend Charlie Washington They become a two man assassin team known as The Ghost Team. After several successful assassinations of Al-Qaeda senior members, they are set-up and captured by Al-Qaeda. Though they escape from the grips of Al-Qaeda, they remain on their kill list.

After their stint with the Army Rangers Marcus and Charlie go back home to a large compound in Denver owned by reclusive billionaire Robert Sinclair. They first met Robert at the age of sixteen when Marcus’ mom, Kimberly, was hired as his personal assistant. Unbeknownst to them, Robert has many secrets, one of which, is that he is the leader of the Angel Society. A group of influential people who are dedicated to protect mankind from themselves. Robert recruits Marcus and Charlie to fight for the Angel Society. After much deliberation, they accept.

August 2012 is a month that Marcus will never forget. He and Charlie enter a journey of nonstop action. Starting with an attack by Al-Qaeda on his birthday weekend in Las Vegas and ending with the discovery of a spaceship at the bottom of the Atlantic, which unlock secrets that will shock him to his very core. Secrets that Robert has been hiding his entire life.

About the Author

Michael GoffinetMichael Goffinet was born and raised in Southern California. After earning his Masters of Health Administration degree, he worked in the health care industry for the last two decades. He currently resides in Las Vegas, Nevada with his wife of twenty years and his teenage son. He is an avid golfer and when he’s not reading or writing he can be found on the golf course.

His latest book is the action thriller, They Call Me Superman.

Visit his website at and connect with him on Twitter.

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