Digital Media Academy #CreateTheNext

Founded at Stanford University, Digital Media Academy is ranked as one of the ten best summer camps in the world. Kids and teens learn computer programming, app development, 3D modeling, robotics, graphic design, filmmaking, and much more. DMA summer camps are one or multiple week experiences taught by industry experts and tech professionals. Digital Media … Read More

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Are You Prepared for an Emergency or Disaster? @MBIntelNet #MySafeHome #MomBuzz

Are you prepared for an emergency or disaster? What would you do if you were a victim of flood, wildfire, earthquake, home invasion, or any other emergency or natural disaster? I wasn’t sure where I would fall on the spectrum of preparedness. I felt confident in some areas but not others. I found out that … Read More

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5 Reasons Your Dog Has a Biting Problem

5 Reasons Your Dog Has a Biting Problem You love your dog, but at the moment face a huge problem. Your dog bites you and others seemingly at will. In order to fix this serious problem, understand reasons why your dog engages in biting behavior. Fear Something or someone is spooking your dog. Dogs use … Read More

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