The Bifrost Bridge by James Bradley Clarke – Blast + Giveaway

About the Book Title: The Bifrost Bridge | Author: James Bradley Clarke | Illustrator: Marcus Gran | Publication Date: January, 2013 | Publisher: Wynwidyn Press | Pages: 92 | Recommended Ages: 8+ Summary: The Bifrost Bridge is a Viking princess fairy tale intertwined with Norse mythology. Silya, the feisty ten year old Princess of Norway, … Read More

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My Friend Suhana by Shaila and Aanyah Abdullah – Blast + $25 Giveaway

About the Book Title: My Friend Suhana: A Story of Friendship and Cerebral Palsy | Authors: Shaila Abdullah & Aanyah Abdullah | Publication Date: December 16, 2013 | Publisher: Loving Healing Press | Pages: 17 | Recommended Ages: 3+ Summary: A simple tale of love and friendship to warm your heart. Award-winning author and designer … Read More

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In Pursuit by Olivia Luck – Blitz + Giveaway

In Pursuit by Olivia Luck Publication date: February 11th 2014 Genres: Contemporary, New Adult, Romance Eddie Neff needs space. Not the type that country stars croon about, but physical distance from her emotionally distant father and the tatters of a broken relationship. So when the opportunity to relocate her life and interior design business arises, … Read More

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The Handfasting by David Burnett – Guest Post + Giveaway

The Handfasting by David Burnett Ten years had passed since they had joined hands in the ruins of the old abbey church. Kneeling before the high altar, they were handfasted in the Celtic custom, engaged to be married. A rose bush had bloomed beside the ruined altar. Steven had reached out to caress one of … Read More

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Eire's Viking by Sandi Layne – Promo, Trailer + Giveaway

Eire’s Viking by Sandi Layne Eire’s Viking Trilogy, Book Two Beginning ten years after the end of Éire’s Captive Moon, this is the story of how Agnarr Halvardson returns to Éire with the intention of settling there, marrying, and siring sons. It is also the story of Aislinn, who was a child in Ragor when … Read More

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Anomaly by Tonya Kuper – Cover Reveal + Giveaway

Today Tonya Kuper and Entangled Teen are revealing the cover for ANOMALY, releasing in November 4, 2014! Check out the awesome cover and enter to win an eARC! On to the reveal! About the Book  Title: ANOMALY (Schrodinger’s Consortium #1) Author: Tonya Kuper Publisher: Entangled Teen Pub. Date: November 4, 2014 Pages: 400 Find it: Goodreads, Amazon … Read More

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Shadows on the Mirror by Frances Fyfield – Review + Giveaway

Shadows on the Mirror by Frances Fyfield Sarah Fortune Mystery #1 Genre: Mystery, Crime Thriller Publish Date: February 4, 2014 Publisher: Witness Impulse, an imprint of HarperCollins Event organized by: Literati Author Services, Inc. Sarah Fortune is bored to death – but few know, and less would guess, how the beautiful and successful lawyer escapes … Read More

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Rekindled Moments by Dori Lavelle – Release Blast, Review + Giveaway

Rekindled Moments by Dori Lavelle Moments in Time #2 The truth will always find a way out. Carlene Adams’ new life has been an illusion, her newfound joy just for rent. The life she craves can’t really belong to a girl who is responsible for someone’s death. Her greatest fear has been realized. Nick Johnson, … Read More

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Notes from Nadir by Lisa Maliga – Guest Post + Giveaway

Notes from Nadir by Lisa Maliga A Los Angeles-based writer returns to her Midwestern home due to financial difficulties. Moving back in with Mom, she lands a job at an online auction site. From encountering wacky characters to dealing with unsympathetic relatives, to her mother’s health issues, the narrator struggles with being in Nadir–the place … Read More

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Live With Tallent and Lowery Tour by Amy Lignor- Guest Post + Giveaway

Get to know Tallent and Lowery, their journey,  and the author that is writing their story! The Hero’s Companion Leah Tallent and Gareth Lowery have seen it all, utilizing everything they have to survive. But now, Leah’s father has gone missing and they have only seven days before he’ll be killed. The only clue to … Read More

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