Death Gone A-Rye by Winnie Archer – Rye Pumpernickel Rolls + Giveaway

Death Gone A-Rye by Winnie Archer A Bread Shop Mystery Book 6 Kensington • April 27, 2021 In the Northern California seaside town of Santa Sofia, a killer is trying to get a rise out of baker’s apprentice Ivy Culpepper . . . Vincent van Dough focaccia is being touted on Instagram as the best … Read More

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Asbury High and the Kidnapper’s Drive by Kelly Brady Channick – Pilot Owens Guest Post + Giveaway

Asbury High and the Kidnapper’s Drive by Kelly Brady Channick Asbury High Book 4 On a quiet summer night, in the peaceful seaside town of Asbury, a local girl is kidnapped from her home. That very same day, a car thief is chased through an empty car lot, narrowly escaping from their teenage pursuer. Can … Read More

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A Ghost and His Gold by Roberta Eaton Cheadle

A Ghost and His Gold by Roberta Eaton Cheadle About A Ghost And His Gold A Ghost and His Gold Supernatural Historical Stand-Alone Novel Publisher TSL Publications (1/27/2021) Number of Pages 264 pages ISBN 9781914245039 After Tom and Michelle Cleveland move into their recently built, modern townhouse, their housewarming party is disrupted when a drunken … Read More

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The Wise One by K.T. Anglehart – Excerpt + Giveaway

The Wise OneK.T. Anglehart(The Scottish Scrolls, #1)Publication date: October 28th 2020Genres: Fantasy, Young Adult Mckenna’s never thought much of her nightmares, but on her seventeenth birthday, a vivid dream of burning at the stake awakens her dormant abilities, thrusting her into a world where faeries are real, spirits hold a grudge, and a High Priestess … Read More

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Whole Latte Murder by Lena Gregory – Breakfast Ideas + Giveaway

Whole Latte Murder by Lena Gregory All-Day Breakfast Cafe Mystery Book 5 Lyrical Press • April 27, 2021 Ex-New Yorker and local diner owner Gia Morelli is still getting used to the sweltering Florida sun. But this summer she’ll have to deal with a more dangerous kind of heat—when she’s hot on the trail of … Read More

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Broken Wing by Kathleen Mare’e – Pax’s Playlist + Giveaway

Broken WingKathleen Mare’e(Arthur Academy, #1)Publication date: April 26th 2021Genres: Contemporary, New Adult Hendrix: It’s funny the things you notice as a child. Like the way people uneasily glance away from me whenever I catch their eye. Or the way a stranger seems to smile happily at other children, but when I say hello, their smile … Read More

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Shrimply Dead by Maggie Toussaint – River’s Broccoli Salad + Giveaway

Shrimply Dead by Maggie Toussaint A Seafood Caper Mystery Book 3 Muddle House Publishing • April 12, 2021 When veterinarian and amateur naturalist Jasmine Garr is shot in her yard, residents of Shell Island press caterer River Holloway into investigating the homicide. River dons her amateur sleuth cap and sets out to discover who killed … Read More

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Stolen Daughters by Carolyn Arnold

My Thoughts Stolen Daughters by Carolyn Arnold is the second book in the Detective Amanda Steele mystery series. I loved the first book and was definitely looking forward to reading this one. Ms. Arnold did not disappoint! This book was full of action and suspense. Stolen Daughters feels like an episode of Criminal Minds. Once … Read More

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Monkey Bread Business by Jodi Rath – Deep Fried Cookies + Giveaway

Monkey Bread Business by Jodi Rath The Cast Iron Skillet Mystery Book 6 Nature breeds new life with the sign of Spring in the air in Leavensport, Ohio, and Jolie and Ava find their new families’ lives turned upside down! With properties in Leavensport beginning to sell, Nina Sanchez opened a bakery after purchasing the … Read More

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Fire and Cinder by Christina Bauer – Excerpt: Meet Elle + Giveaway

Fire And CinderChristina Bauer(Fairy Tales of the Magicorum, #6)Published by: Monster House BooksPublication date: February 23rd 2021Genres: Paranormal, Young Adult Meet the Magicorum: modern folks who are supernaturally locked into fairy tale life templates. For eighteen-year-old Elle, that role is Cinderella. Meanwhile, Agatha is her evil stepsister. Things go downhill from there… Cinderella On The … Read More

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