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One of my favorite parts of changing seasons is all the new scents that come with the new season. I just love going into the winter holidays with warm, wonderful scents that really invoke the feelings of the season. Scents and memories are intertwined, and I like that a certain holiday scent brings up memories of holidays past. I was super excited to start Celebrating the Season with #FebrezeHoliday! I received the awesome kit pictured above in exchange for sharing the great scents of the season with you.

I received these items in the lovely Cranberry Cider scent. Oh. My. Goodness. I am in love! The scent is perfect for the winter season, while remaining subtle. I just love the combination of tart cranberries and spicy cider.

photo (2)

I received the Febreze NOTICEables plug-in, containing two scents. One side had the cranberry frost scent and the other side had the scrumptious apple cider scent. The plug-in alternates between the two scents, creating a perfect harmony. I have this in the living room, near my little corner reading area. I loved that the scent was present without being overwhelming. It was nice and relaxing to breathe in while I was reading.

photo (1)I also received the Febreze Set & Refresh in Cranberry Cider. I just love this little scented air freshener. It doesn’t require batteries or plug in, so it can really be used anywhere! I don’t have any extra outlets in my bathroom, so it was great to just be able to sit this on the toilet tank and freshen the air without any plugs or batteries.

You can pick up #FebrezeHoliday scents at WalMart this holiday season. Check out Febreze on Facebook and Twitter! Keep up to date on all the latest Febreze news by following their social media accounts.

I really enjoy the dual scents of Cranberry Frost and Apple Cider this winter season. The #FebrezeHoliday scents help my home smell fresh and clean, without being perfumy or false. What are some of your favorite holiday scents? Have you tried the #FebrezeHoliday scents? Let me know what your thoughts are. 🙂

This is a sponsored post written by me for SheSpeaks and Febreze. I received the products above as well as compensation for this review. My opinions were not influenced by this, and I only share products and information I feel will benefit my readers.


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