Choosing Girls Tights

Whether your little girl is a girly girl, or more of a rough & tough tomboy, tights are a great choice to add to her outfit. Sheer, white, pink, or lace tights are great for dressy outfits that consist of a dress or a blouse and skirt; while black tights or bright colored or patterned ones are perfect to pair with scooters and denim jumpers. Tights don’t just add modesty – they add warmth, and they add a nice pop of color.

Tights, leg-warmers, and other types of leggings have always been very fashionable for girls of all ages, as well as women. They can be worn with skirts or dresses, or even underneath pants for added warmth.

When choosing girls tights, be sure to pick up pairs that are in colors that your little girl will love. For colder months of the year, consider wool or other insulating styles that are generally thicker and a little more rugged than standard tights. And for warmer months, go with cotton styles that allow for plenty of air circulation. And above all, stock up on many different colors and in increasing sizes, since girls grow fast but leggings are always in high demand!


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