Christmas in Bear Ridge by Sarah Wagner

Christmas in Bear Ridge by Sarah Wagner

Sometimes it takes a little magic, and a Christmas wish, to see beyond tomorrow, but it takes love to see forever.

Bear Ridge is the cutest little town that no one can remember. It gathers magic like faerie dust to a wand, especially at Christmas. Toni Bell hasn’t believed in magic since her parents died. She’s been on her own for more than a decade, driving from town to town, job to job, gig to gig, living out of her truck turned tiny home, making a point to never get attached. She’s on her way to the West Coast for New Year’s Eve, and plans to be on the road for Christmas, hoping to avoid the heartache being reminded of how alone she is brings. But a wrong turn, a loose dog, and a bollard pole change her world.

Stuck in Bear Ridge until her truck can be fixed, Toni decides to make the best of it only to discover everything she’s ever wanted, and never dared to wish for, were all within her grasp. Nicodemus Panait makes her want to believe in magic, miracles, and Christmas, but she’s afraid that all he offers will prove too good to be true. Nico knows what his forever looks like, but he has only until Christmas to make Toni see it too. Fortunately, he has fate and love on his side.

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About the Author

I often struggle to decide what to say when I talk about myself. I’m a mother first and foremost of two incredibly awesome kids who are growing up much faster than I’m comfortable with. I’m also a writer. I’ll write anything. Short stories, poetry, novels, essays – whatever strikes my fancy at any given moment, in whatever genre seems appropriate for them. I am drawn to fantasy, science fiction, and horror for both telling stories and reading them.

I have a couple of books out there in the world – Guardian of the Gods, Hardwired Humanity, Hunter’s Crossing, and Eldercynne Rising. I like them. I hope those who read them like them as well. (Don’t we all).

I also run a support group for families with loved ones on the autism spectrum.

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