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Color Me Dead by Teresa Trent - cover

Color Me Dead by Teresa Trent

Henry Park #1

Artist Gabby Wolfe has the ability to see not only the beauty of the living, but the despair of the dead. When she returns to her childhood home in Henry Park Colorado, she is forced to bring along her younger brother Mitch. He is on a “break” from college where he was majoring in wine, women and song. If that isn’t enough they also have Mitch’s rambunctious beagle Luigi along who prefers to spend his days wallowing in junk food. When Gabby draws the death of a young woman before it happens, she knows she must tell someone and risk a new job and her professional credibility. Will she reveal her secret in time to save the woman in the water or will it be too late?

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The True Origins of Luigi the Beagle

When I wrote Color Me Dead, Luigi was initially not a beagle. He was a black lab. As I kept writing the book, I realized that Luigi’s poor eating habits reminded me of my childhood dog, Goliath, a beagle.

Color Me Dead - Goliath

When I first acquired Goliath, I was delivering a paper route that wound through the downtown stores in Havana, Illinois. Goliath was so little he rode along in the cloth satchel where I stored my newspapers. There wasn’t a store owner on the route who didn’t want to see the little guy peek his head out of the bag. He was my first real pet and was beloved in my home. Like Snoopy, he was known to sit on top of his dog house and bark on occasion. I hate to admit it, but he was so patient with me, he let me paint his claws with fingernail polish. He favored pink polish over other colors.

I realized, when asked to add a story to an upcoming anthology that involved a cat, I tend to write about dogs. And why not? Cats are beautiful creatures but dogs will take a bullet for you. Luigi, in Color Me Dead is no different. He is fiercely loyal to Mitch and eventually Gabby, but just to warn you, better put that bag of chips up. He has no self-control when it comes to salty foods.

Have you ever had a dog that made your life just a little bit better? A cat? Do you have both types of animals in your home or are you strictly one or the other? Tell me in the comments section and don’t forget – Color Me Dead is Free on Kindle January 23-27. As Luigi would say, Aaaaooohhhh.

About the Author

Teresa Trent lives in Houston, Texas and is an award-winning mystery writer. She writes the Pecan Bayou Mystery Series and is a regular contributor to the Happy Homicides Anthologies. Teresa is happy to add her Henry Park Mystery Series to her publishing credits with Color Me Dead, the first book in the series. Teresa has also won awards for her work in short stories where she loves to dabble in tales that are closer to the Twilight Zone than small town cozies. When Teresa isn’t writing, she is a full-time caregiver for her son and teaches preschoolers music part-time. Her favorite things include spending time with family and friends, waiting for brownies to come out of the oven, and of course, a good mystery.

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  1. Hi Brooke! Thanks for being a part of my Color My Dead tour and letting me give a little history on Luigi’s conception. Once you have a beagle, you never forget it! I hope your readers enjoy the mystery and download it for free today through Friday!

    1. Hi Teresa! It is my pleasure to share Luigi’s story. We had a beagle when I was younger, and she was amazing. I remember we would take treats and run them over the carpet in a pattern and then hide them (like in the entertainment stand) and then watch her zig zag all over the room and go right to where the treat was hidden. 🙂

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