Comments and Spam – Yuck!

Hi Readers! I just wanted to let you know that I’ve switched up my comment system on Brooke Blogs just a little bit. Even though I have a spam-blocking plug-in that stops a lot of spam comments from hitting my site, I have had several spam comments slip through and be posted over the last couple days. If you’ve commented on my site before, then commenting will continue as usual for you. If this is your first time visiting Brooke Blogs (hi! 🙂 and welcome), then your first comment on a post will be held in queue until I approve it. I am online frequently throughout the day, so this shouldn’t be an issue. Just know that even if your comment doesn’t pop up right away, it is still saved. Hopefully this will combat the spam comments and I’ll be able to take the comment queue off soon. Thanks so much for understanding! Please let me know if you have any issues or trouble commenting on my site…or, feel free to comment below to make sure your comments will come through. 🙂


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