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Confound It by Maggie Toussaint
A Dreamwalker Mystery Book 5
Camel Press • June 1, 2018

While hosting out-of-town guests at her Georgia home, Dreamwalker Baxley Powell is called upon to help investigate a suspicious fire. One of her guests, close friend and fellow dreamwalker Deputy Sam Mayes, accompanies her to the scene.

A meth cook is dead, and when Baxley visits her beyond the Veil of Life, she determines that the woman was murdered. Baxley pities Mandy Patterson, a single mother with aspirations for her teenage son Doodle. Unconcerned about the death of a criminal, the authorities pursue the drug-supply chain angle. Baxley worries about Doodle and vows to find out who killed his mother.

As the case grows more baffling, Baxley struggles against her attraction to Sam. Although her husband is missing and declared dead, she does not feel free to love again until she is sure of his fate.

Two suspects have the strongest motive, but Baxley has reason to believe they are pawns in a deeper game. And unless she can stop them, the world will never be the same.

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Fast Five with Maggie Toussaint

Hi, Maggie! Thank you so much for stopping by Brooke Blogs today. I am thrilled to have you here today to answer some interview questions. Congratulations on your newest release, Confound It!

Thank you so much for having me here, Brooke. I love visiting your site and hanging out with our mutual friends.

1) What does a typical day look like for you? Do you write every day?
I write in the mornings. That’s when my creativity is most accessible. Each week, I set a word count goal. I aim for 1000 words a day, three to five days a week. I would write every single day, but there’s this thing called Life and Family. I find I’m more productive if I can balance all my needs every week. Setting that weekly word count goal ensures the new books get written. Afternoons are for editing, marketing, and other writer-related tasks.

2) If you could spend time with one of your characters, who would you choose and what would you do together?
I would dearly love to sit down with my female sleuth Baxley Powell. I would pick her brain about the afterlife and what it is like to live in her family. I’d love to join one of her family’s healing circles. I very much admire the way she gives of herself and helps others.

3) What do you like to do when you’re not writing?
Photography, yoga, and beachcombing are passions of mine. I post my photos year-round on Facebook, so I hope we’re “friends” on FB. For the past two years I’ve taken on leadership roles in my church and within Mystery Writers of America and Sisters in Crime chapters. Oh, and I enjoy TV and reading and my family, of course!

4) What type of research did you do for Confound It?
I am very lucky to have friends in the police department that I can ask specific procedural questions about their work. Usually I’m not a ripped from the headlines kind of writer, but Confound It is a departure for me. The inciting moment for this book came when I read a newspaper story about kids turning their backpacks into portable meth labs. I had to speak out and say how wrong I thought this activity was.

5) What is your favorite part of being an author?
I dearly love that exciting sense I get when the book is done and the best I can make it. Anticipation builds inside me. It’s like waiting for someone to open the perfect gift you got them. I know fans of the Dreamwaker series will love this book, but I hope new readers will chose to opt in here and be equally as delighted.

Thank you again for visiting Brooke Blogs! I know my readers will enjoy reading your answers as much as I will.

Brooke, thanks for having me here. I enjoy having the chance to showcase my mysteries on the Great Escapes Blog Tour and at Brooke Blogs.

About the Author

Southern author Maggie Toussaint writes mystery, suspense, and dystopian fiction. Her work won the Silver Falchion Award for best mystery, the Readers’ Choice Award, and the EPIC Award. She’s published seventeen novels as well as several short stories and novellas. The next book in her paranormal mystery series, Dadgummit, releases August 2017. Maggie serves on the national board for Mystery Writers of America, is President of Southeast Mystery Writers of America, and is Co-VP of Low Country Sisters In Crime.

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