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Conquer Your Pain in 9 StepsConquer Your Pain in 9 Steps by Carole Staveley

Recognizing the years of unnecessary suffering in her own life, Carole Staveley makes it her mission to maximize your chances of overcoming health barriers in the shortest possible time. Her 9 Step Health Champion approach shared in this book will help you achieve your full potential by taking you through the process of establishing a Health Champion mindset, building your most effective health team, and maximizing your odds of persevering through it all. Become your own Health Champion and keep your healthy vision alive—no matter what challenges you face.

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What Assumptions and Beliefs Are Holding You Back?

Step #1 in my book, Conquer Your Pain in 9 Steps, is titled “Identify what’s holding you back.” Very often, it is our deeply rooted assumptions and beliefs that keep us “stuck” in our current, sub-optimal state.

Do you believe that your “best days” are behind you? It’s easy to think this way, when our bodies and minds start to send us signals that remind us of our imperfections and mortality.

I’d like to propose a mind shift. By examining our deeply held assumptions and beliefs (which typically don’t get examined, because they’re accepted as “fact”), we have the opportunity to establish a new baseline for ourselves. Starting from this new baseline and looking forward instead of backward, there is the opportunity for growth and progress. Focusing on growth and progress by allowing your yardstick to evolve with age- or health-related life changes is an important factor in leading a satisfying life. This was brought to my attention when I read Bruce Grierson’s book, What Makes Olga Run (Random House Canada, 2014).

Identifying new activities in which you can participate is one way to set yourself up to look forward, measure progress, and stay motivated to improve your health status (no matter what your current condition). In my case, years of chronic pain and an increasingly fragile and debilitated body resulted in a steady decline in the quality of my tennis game. So much so, that I eventually quit a sport I had been playing for almost 30 years. I had been a competitive tennis player in my teens and twenties, and assumed that my athletic days were now over due to my reduced abilities as a tennis player.

When a friend dragged me out to a swim practice, I thought it might be a good thing to try, given how much easier swimming would be on my stiff and sore body. I was such a poor swimmer, that there was nowhere to go but up! With each swimming lesson, I sensed a bit of improvement. I began to picture the further improvements that were possible. Without changing anything else about my health, the simple act of re-focusing my energy on something that held the promise of progress instead of decline made my life more pleasant. This new focus also helped me get into a more positive mindset: Less focus on numbing pain, more focus on how to move forward and live my best life in spite of my chronic pain condition.

What beliefs and assumptions are keeping you from moving forward? Can you identify a new activity that could allow you to enjoy the process of learning and growing?
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My Thoughts

I am still working my way through Conquer Your Pain in 9 Steps by Carole Staveley. I am really enjoying it! While it is quick reading and easy to understand, I am really taking my time with it as it is very interesting. I’m working through the book and doing the different activities in the book. It’s been a while since a nonfiction book has really grabbed my attention. This book is very relevant to me, as I have pain on a daily basis and do not take medication for it other than occasional over-the-counter relief. I have really discovered a lot about myself and what I can do to help manage my health and my pain and how I can change the things that aren’t working for me.

About the Author

Carole StaveleyAfter suffering 13 years of debilitation caused by a chronic myofascial pain condition, Carole Staveley realized there was no “magic bullet” coming to her rescue. She took charge of solving her health challenges and went on to complete an IRONMAN triathlon in 2013. Carole’s book, Conquer Your Pain in 9 Steps, takes you through her proven 9-step Health Champion approach to suffering less and achieving more. Carole Staveley is President of Inner Victory Coaching, an organization she founded to empower others to become their own Health Champions and reach their full potential.
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  1. Brooke, thanks for the review. The more people become aware of how much power they actually have in achieving better health and a more productive life, the happier our planet will be! I’m glad you’re enjoying working through the 9 steps. Let me know which of the 9 steps were most helpful for you.

  2. Thank you so much for the review! I would like to win so that I may share this with others, as well as walk down the road myself. I see so many people in pain … lost and without hope …. and this appears to be concrete steps to recovery and victory. 🙂 Thank you for the opportunity to put my name in the hat!

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