Converging Fates by Jonathan Cortez

convergingfatesConverging Fates by Jonathan Cortez
Reagent Universe #1
Genre: Science-Fiction

Publisher: Fresh Publishing
Date of Publication: 03 June 2013
Number of pages: 376 p
Cover Artist: Jen Detchon

Deep in the remote Undervalley, a scientist is creating a portal that will link two universes. Never mind the damage his research does. A taskforce of elves and humans must hunt him down before he destroys their universe. The elves hold the key, Mahavir, a human abducted from the other universe. He is the link between universes, and his death may prevent a disaster. But Mahavir has no intention sacrificing himself for others.


About the Author

Jonathan Cortez is a graduate of Penn State Behren, with an Associate of Arts degree.

He was an avid reader and writer from a young age, but even before that his story-telling and world-building skills blossomed while playing with Lego. He largely developed his writing craft on his own.

Jonathan is a big fan of science-fiction and fantasy, although he only started reading the genres during high school. When not reading or writing, he enjoys watching TV and listening to heavy metal.

He is currently still studying at Penn State. He is also working on the sequel to Converging Fates.


Random Facts About Converging Fates

1. The sci-fi/high fantasy combination was largely inspired by me wondering why the technology in the prologue to the film LOTR is the exact same as the main story, 3000 years later.
2. The plot is from a dinosaur-action book I wrote on-and-off throughout high school.
3. Dr. Bob Mulldoon is semi-based on a friend of mine and semi-based on the game warden of Jurassic Park.
4. Dr. Alan Baker is inspired by Dr. Alan Grant from Jurassic Park, who was in turn based on real-life paleontologist Dr. Jack Horner.
5. There are numerous easter-egg references to other speculative fiction franchises. You get a cookie autographed in sprinkles if you find them all.
6. I am displeased by the gender ratio of characters. I intend on correcting this in my next book.
7. Depending on the definition, I spent between 8 months and 10 years writing Converging Fates.
8. The black plant life in the Undervalley is from a hypothesis that plants in multi-star systems would need extra protection from the increased radiation.
9. I gave elves many traits I wish humans would have and took away many things I dislike about humans.
10. The Warlord leading the Undervalley orcs doesn’t have a name, because he’s a future primary character, and I couldn’t think of a great name for him after naming so many other important things.
11. Anleanlute’s physical appearance is based on a goat-herder in a dream I had. Not sure how having no hair and genitals helps with goat-herding.
12. The physical resemblance between Anleanlute and Cocitans is a coincidence that I realized in the 3rd draft.
13. Bitur’s STD is also based on a dream. Needless to say, it was not a pleasant dream.
14. Anleanlute’s virtual reality experiments are inspired by scenes from Star Trek V: The Search for Spock and Star Trek: Generations.
15. Part 2 was cut from a previous manuscript. It took more rewrites than anything else, because I wrote like a bad amalgam of Stephan Crane and Joseph Conrad when I was in high school.
16. Mahavir was originally in his early 30’s and a fairly accomplished person. He was reduced to a young adult with training but little experience, then to a confused teenager. If I hadn’t started the manuscript soon, he might have ended up a baby.
17. Eriel, Talisman, Xavius, and the orc Warlord have subservient roles because they are not based on characters from the old book and thus, could not be fit into the plot easily.
18. I consider the character flashbacks to be my most significant plot achievement.
19. A Corvette-class is an actual class of navy ships, not just a car.
20. The series’ “common tongue,” Esperanto, is an actual, but fake, language.
21. Seether’s name is not based on the hard rock band. I was aware of the band’s name at the time, but I wasn’t like, “yeah this band really captures his soul.”
22. Vanyae was originally named Jen as a placeholder, then changed to Vanya until pointed out that Uncle Vanya’s Cousin provides a more famous Vanya. The “ae” is because I really like that spelling.
23. There will be a pronunciation guide at some point.
24. Having melee weapons that can puncture armor better than guns is an attempt to create a semi-feasible reason for melee weapons in modern combat. Because melee fights are cool.
25. In the previous book idea, the hydras were T-Rex’s, the Leviathan a Liopleurodon, the orcs Velociraptors, and the abominated orcs Utah raptors.
26. I don’t know what Mahavir’s orientation is.
27. The Intelligence Director’s name is Miguel Hancock. Not really.
28. The story was reduced in length by almost 20% just a week before I got published.
29. Joey is named after my brother, who asks nothing like my brother.
30. Kirtkazdor is my friend’s primary WoW character, who is a female troll.
31. Dr. Hamilton was created on the spot to have more character conflict. He is the first person to die, because he didn’t have a further use, and I was quite sick of him.
32. The elven marines were called “Cleansers” until slightly before publication, when I admitted it has the connotation Bon Ami and Tide.

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