Curried Away by Gail Oust

Curried Away by Gail Oust

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Curried Away by Gail OustCurried Away by Gail Oust
Series: A Spice Shop Mystery #4
Also in this series: Ginger Snapped
Published by Minotaur Books on December 13, 2016
Genres: Cozy Mystery
Pages: 304
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Piper Prescott, proprietor of Spice It Up!, has persuaded Doug Winters, the mild-mannered vet she’s been dating, to demonstrate Indian cuisine at her shop. But before Doug’s presentation of classic chicken curry is completed, Ned Feeney, local handyman, bursts in with news of a murder.

Sandy Granger, the director of a local production of Steel Magnolias, was found strangled in the third-floor balcony of the Brandywine Creek Opera House. Sandy, it seems, had not endeared herself to cast or crew. Complaints about her ran the gamut from her management style to her lack of people skills. Everyone connected with the production falls under suspicion, including Piper Prescott’s BFF, Reba Mae Johnson, who made it well known how unhappy she is that she was cut from the cast.

When the spotlight for the dastardly deed shines on Reba Mae, Piper rushes to her friend’s defense. Who among Sandy’s detractors was angry enough to wrap a silk scarf around her neck—and pull tight? Will Piper succeed in solving the case before she becomes the killer’s encore performance? And will she ever learn just how to prepare the perfect curry? As delicious as it is charming, the latest entry in Gail Oust’s mouth-watering Spice Shop Mysteries is sure to delight both old fans and new.

Also by this author: Ginger Snapped

-Gail Oust

Or, maybe for whom the clock ticks, would be more appropriate when discussing the dreaded “D” word. Every writer dreams of having a book contract, but with every contract comes a deadline. I tend to believe that the “dead” part of deadline is significant. Deadlines are sneaky devils. They lull you into a false sense of complacency when they’re six, nine, or twelve months away. You think you have all the time in the world to whip your story into submission. While in this state of bliss, you take occasional days off to have a little fun, entertain out of town guests, or just goof off. You might agree to speaking engagements, attend a writers conference or two, or even volunteer to moderate a panel. No worry, you tell yourself, you have plenty of time. You have everything under control.

Bam! Then it hits you. A closer look at the calendar reveals the deadline you thought tame is about to pounce and bite your head off. Your focus narrows so all you can see is the darn computer screen and the stupid cursor with its incessant blinking. You transform into a frantic Captain Hook chased by the crocodile who swallowed a ticking clock. No more play dates with friends. You wonder if they’ll forget your name but not for long because you have plot points to ponder. Meals become haphazard and you’re grateful your husband likes egg sandwiches and gas station pizza. You desperately need a hair cut but your hairdresser tends to be chatty and you can’t spare the time. A manicure is on the horizon, too, but that only occurs when your long fingernails keep hitting keys you never intended. There are chapters to write; pages to polish. Your world dwindles until there is only “The Book.” Then, miraculously, its finished. You hit the SEND button, and your manuscript flies through cyberspace to land on the desk of your editor in publisherville.

Now it’s time to celebrate, time to toast your success, get caught up on sleep, renew acquaintances, and cook elaborate meals. And, strange as it may sound, it’s time to wish for another deadline.

Curried Away by Gail Oust is the fourth book in a Spice Shop Mystery Series. A local production of Steel Magnolias comes to a screeching halt when the body of the director is found in the balcony. Sandy Granger was strangled to death, and there appears to be no shortage of suspects. Piper’s BFF, Reba Mae, is the prime suspect.

Piper ended up having to do some solo-sleuthing since Reba Mae is under suspicion. On the relationship front, Piper’s relationship with Doug starts to cool down as he is focused on his daughter, Madison. Piper also has to deal with being alone on Thanksgiving, when her son stays at college and her daughter chooses to eat with her father. This was an enjoyable cozy mystery. I really like the characters in this one. Piper is easy to like and she is a pretty smart sleuth. There were several suspects so you are kept guessing throughout the story.

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