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D is for Decorating Eggs in today’s Blogging from A to Z challenge post. I readily admit that, for some reason, I simply cannot hard-boil eggs. Every year I try, and every year in the past it has not worked out. A couple of years ago, I started baking my eggs to hard-boil them. Oh, this has been a life saver. We finally can have hard “boiled” eggs for dying Easter eggs, and for eating afterward. Do you bake your eggs to hard boil them? I definitely recommend it. Super easy and just about fool-proof. 🙂

I’m not usually a fan of dying eggs. Normally, at least one color of dye gets spilled all over the kitchen and someone ends up arguing about not having enough eggs to color. This year, things went pretty smoothly! I baked two dozen eggs for coloring, so there were plenty of eggs to go around. No one spilled any colors, and only one of my fingers is dyed from blue-ish. 😉 Do you color eggs for Easter?

Keira & Natalie had a lot of fun decorating eggs this year!
Keira & Natalie had a lot of fun decorating eggs this year!


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  1. I have found some really cool things on pinterest for decorating eggs this year, from glitter to confetti and even lace! There are so many cool options and ideas. I hope you had a wonderful easter!!

    1. Hi Sonal! Yes, there are definitely some really neat options available. 🙂 We have had a fun day filled with sunshine here in Ohio, so I’m happy about that. Hope you had a very happy Easter!

  2. My youngest is 25 and I don’t remember if it worked or not. I do have trouble with hard boiling eggs but only if they need to come out just right. Egg salad where you’re going to chop them up? I don’t have any problems.

    My daughter did died Deviled Eggs this year. The eggs were dyed after being hard-boiled and cut in half. Very colorful!

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