Dead As A Doornail by Linda P. Kozar – Narrated by Michelle Babb – Audiobook Review

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Dead As A Doornail by Linda P. Kozar – Narrated by Michelle Babb – Audiobook ReviewDead As A Doornail on May 5, 2015
Length: 6 Hours and 27 Minutes
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With her wedding to Hudson just months away, all Lovita’s plans seem to be going awry. A crooked politician is running for Mayor, his girlfriend is opening a new beauty shop in town, and the contractor building Sue Jan and Monroe’s dream home is found dead, with Monroe as their prime suspect. To top it all off, the money from the high school band fundraiser has disappeared. Now the kids won’t be able to go to New York City and march in the Macy’s Day parade. All the girls have to do is nail the real killer, find the missing money, save their beauty shop, and rescue the little town of Wachita, before Lovita walks down the aisle. Can two big bodaciously beautiful women do it? Piece of cake.


I listened to the audiobook of Dead As A Doornail by Linda P. Kozar (narrated by Michelle Babb). It is the third book in the When Fat Ladies Sing series. This is the first I’ve read in this cozy mystery series but that didn’t stop me from understanding the story line, following along with the characters and enjoying the mystery.

Lovita and Sue Jan are best friends and they own a beauty shop together. Lovita is planning her wedding to Hudson, while Sue Jan and her husband Monroe (who is running for mayor) are building their dream house. A bunch of craziness ensues when Monroe is accused of murdering the contractor working on their house; Sue Jan’s redneck relatives show up and park their trailer on Lovita’s land; and the high school band’s money for their trip to the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade is stolen.

This was a light and fun cozy mystery with a lot of different elements at play. I loved the small town drama. The narrator did a fantastic job of telling the story and it was very easy for me to differentiate between characters. She did male and female characters, some with Southern accents, even some with British and Asian accents and she did them all seamlessly. The narration really sold the story for me, and I think it made me enjoy it even more than I would have. There is a good bit of beauty salon talk and wedding details sprinkled throughout the story. I listened to this off and on and was able to pick up right where I was with ease and settle back into the story.

The little plot twists and turns throughout make this cozy something special. I am hoping to go back and listen to the earlier books in the series, as well as read the ones that follow. This is a series I know I will continue to enjoy.

Rating Report
Overall: four-stars


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