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Deadly Dog Days by Jamie M. Blair

A Dog Days Mystery Book 1

New to the historic town of Metamora, Indiana, Cameron Cripps-Hayman is looking to make friends with her neighbors. What she isn’t looking for is one of their bodies floating in the canal.

When she and her estranged husband, the town sheriff, are both named suspects for the murder, Cameron takes solving the crime into her own hands, teaming up with her eccentric co-workers who dub themselves The Metamora Action Agency.

As if hunting for a murderer with two high school geniuses, the town drunk, and an elderly kleptomaniac isn’t hard enough, Cameron adopts the five mangy guard dogs of her deceased neighbor. But maybe a stint at playing gatekeeper is just what she needs to come face-to-face with the killer and save another neighbor from being the next victim.

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Is She Me? Am I Her?

A common question authors get asked is, “Are you anything like your main character?” This is usually a tough question to answer since I’m in my forties and my books usually feature characters from their teens to early twenties. But my cozy mystery, Deadly Dog Days, has a heroine that I’m not afraid to say is very much like me. Was it intentional? Well, they say write what you know. I know about being forty, having a bum knee that hurts when it rains, never being able to find things in my purse, and feeling at loose ends sometimes.

Cameron Cripps Hayman is quite a bit like me. We love eating cookies and junk food. We’ll cook if you make us, but you might regret it. We don’t exercise even though we know we should. We both have teenage daughters (hers a step-daughter). We both get The Look of exasperation—if you have a significant other or ever have had one, then you know The Look—from our husbands. And we both seem to draw eccentric people like flies to a Hefty bag.

But like all fiction characters, Cam faces extraordinary circumstances and finds herself in unlikely and unfamiliar scenarios, some resulting in hysterical outcomes if I may say so.

Another question authors are often asked is which actress would they cast as their character. I think Alyson Hannigan (How I Met Your Mother, Buffy, American Pie) would be my first choice for Cameron Cripps Hayman!

Figure 1 Via (April 7, 2015 - Source: FameFlynet Pictures)
Figure 1 Via (April 7, 2015 – Source: FameFlynet Pictures)

About the Author

Jamie M. Blair author of Deadly Dog DaysJamie Blair (Ohio) is the award-winning author of young adult and romance books, including Leap of Faith (Simon & Schuster, 2013), Lost to Me and Deadly Dog Days. Visit her online at and on Twitter at

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