Jun 30 2013

deBebians Cushion Cut Halo Engagement Rings

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When you think about fashion trends, you imagine models strolling down runways and the latest ensembles showcased in window displays. Fine jewelry is an ever-changing part of this scene, and the loveliest example of evolving style is the diamond engagement ring. This beautiful tradition is as much about design as it is commitment, and today’s selections offer stunning choices from unusual settings to the color and cut of the gems. The classic look has taken on a welcomed new brilliance.


Your engagement ring’s setting is the frame for the diamond you choose, and the latest trends show off a stone with special flair. The double halo setting circles your diamond with two tiers of small gems creating the illusion of a larger center stone. A bezel set also complements size, and its sleek lines grace gems with a contemporary look. The unique east-west setting shows off a marquise diamond with dramatic flair. From intricate loops to simple swirls, it’s exciting to explore your choice in modern settings.

Traditional diamonds are brilliant and white, but today’s alternatives are just as engaging. A canary yellow stone adds a warm glow to your ring, while the soft shade of a cognac or champagne gem provides subtle contrast to your setting. Your choices in stone shape range from traditional emerald and oval cuts to the perfectly balanced pear cut.

The line of deBebians cushion cut halo engagement rings offer wonderful examples of the latest in diamond designs. It’s easy to find a beautiful reflection of your personal style with today’s modern selections of engagement rings.

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  1. Megan May

    Wow! How beautiful!

    Personally, yellow diamond engagement rings are my favorite, but white diamonds set in rose gold are a close second.

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