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discoveramericaDiscover America: From Sea to Shining Sea by Julie Olson
Published May 6th 2014 by Shadow Mountain

Follow the patriotic journey of a little red balloon as it makes its way from the West Coast to the East Coast of the United States. Accompanied by the words of one of Americas most beloved anthems America the Beautiful, From Sea to Shining Sea shows the diversity and beauty of our great country through the eyes of our nations children. To add an interactive experience, kids all across the United States will be able to go online to send their own balloons on their own journey.

Discover America: From Sea to Shining Sea features the lyrics of America, the Beautiful by Katharine Lee Bates.


Discover America: From Sea to Shining Sea by Julie Olson is a children’s book featuring the lyrics of America, the Beautiful by Katharine Lee Bates and gorgeous illustrations. This is a sweet story where a boy and his father launch a little red balloon that takes us on a journey across the United States of America, featuring landmarks along the way. The story is cute and my daughters both enjoyed it. I liked the illustrations and being able to teach my girls about our country through a lovely story. The story brought patriotic feelings to us all. Another fun part of this story: you can visit the website and launch your own virtual little red balloon!

To visit the website and learn more about the book, the author, or launch your own balloon, click HERE.

About the Author, Julie Olson

I was born in Maryland, the 6th of 9 (that’s right, 9) kids. I had 6 brothers who loved to tease and 2 sisters who paved the way with good old mom and dad for us girls. But, I vowed to be different than the bunch. From my dad’s nickname for me, Jujubee, to my love of the arts…I tried to stand out (as much as a short girl can do).

In 1994, I left my parents and 3 remaining siblings at home to attend Brigham Young University and to study illustration. In a family filled with doctors, lawyers, electrical engineers, teachers and statisticians…I was the odd man out. But I didn’t care and neither did my family. They were brimming with support and encouragement. Even now they are some of my biggest fans (besides my wonderful husband).

In April 1998, I graduated from Brigham Young University with a BFA in Illustration and have been freelancing ever since. I’m enjoying it thoroughly and am glad to be realizing my dream of becoming a freelance illustrator. But I must admit to you my other passion…my kids. As crazy as it gets with 4 kids running around the studio, the kitchen, the yard, the grocery store (or wherever I happen to be), I love being a mom and love to share my life of art with them.

Now I am writing books as well as illustrating them. I couldn’t ask for more. Share my love of books with me…check them out on Amazon.


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