Dying to Know by TJ O'Connor – Review

Dying to Know by TJ O'Connor – ReviewDying to Know on January 8, 2014
Pages: 368
Format: Paperback
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Dying is overrated. Murder is not.

Detective Oliver Tucker prefers to be the guy investigating shootings, not the guy getting shot. So when he returns as a ghost after being murdered in his home, it’s only natural for Tuck to investigate the most important case of his life—his own. Detective, solve thyself!

Piecing together cold cases, foggy memories, and eerie premonitions, Tuck fears that if he doesn’t figure out who pulled the trigger, his wife may be the next victim. Surprised to discover many earth-bound spirits chasing the same killer, Tuck’s unique perspective from the other side leads him to a chilling conclusion—it’s the living, not the dead, who are most terrifying.

Dying to Know by TJ O’Connor is the first book in the Gumshoe Ghost Mystery Series. I was hooked from page one. This is a fast paced mystery with paranormal elements.

Tuck, a homicide detective, is the victim of a homicide. He realizes this while looking at his body and crime scene being processed. He figures he is meant to stick around to try to solve his own murder. Little does he know, there’s a lot more at stake. Several murders, intertwined with historical artifacts and even a murder from the past all come to a head in Dying to Know by TJ O’Connor.

TJ has created great characters and a really fun story line. Tuck is a guy you just like right from the start. He’s dealing with some heavy things – his own murder, trying to keep his wife safe, and wondering if his partner really wanted to solve the crime, or if he was somehow involved. Tuck is smart and funny. Angela, or Angel to Tuck, is a professor and falls into the role of amateur sleuth. Tuck realizes his ghost powers are limited, and he often needs Angel to do the more physical aspect of things, like talking to witnesses.

I would consider this a cozy mystery. There are several murders, but no real gory details. There is mild cursing. But overall, the mystery had more of a cozy mystery feel to me than any other genre of mystery.

I really enjoyed this mystery. Dying to Know by TJ O’Connor has everything I love in a great mystery. Likeable characters, a unique, interesting story line, and a mystery that had plenty of suspects and kept me guessing until the end. Throw in an awesome setting, some Civil War/history aspects, and the paranormal world full of ghosts, and you’ve got a winner. This series will be on my must-buy, must-read list.

Rating Report
Overall: four-half-stars


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