Escape: A New Life by David Antocci

Escape: A New Life
by David J. Antocci

About The Author:David Antocci


David J Antocci is a noted wordsmith, blogger and author. His work can be read regularly on the Worcester Telegram and Gazette website where he has spent many years writing about the trials and tribulations of being a real life Mr. Mom. While his first love is music, he has put down the guitar in recent years in order to pour his passion into writing… and the gentle tap of the keys on his laptop are much less disruptive late at night when the children are sleeping. The ESCAPE books are his first published foray into fiction. He lives in New England with his beautiful wife and children.

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Book Genre: Thriller, Action/Adventure

Publisher: Independently Published by David J Antocci
Release Date: June 30th 2013

Book Synopsis:


After saving a drowning man during a savage storm, Abby wakes up in a tropical paradise in a fight for her life. She has no idea how she got there, and notices changes in herself that she cannot explain. Haunted by unsettling dreams of her past, she sets out to escape, joined by Eric, who finds himself in the same quandary. Standing in their way is a madman, and his band of willing followers, with a mind set on murdering their unwelcome visitors. An eccentric hermit who has been living there for years offers them refuge, but they must deny his generosity. Escape is their only option. Yet, they discover this deceptive paradise is harder to leave than they had ever imagined. One mystery leads to another, until their escape throws them into even greater danger as Abby’s frightening past finally catches up with her. Her escape is only the beginning.


Eric quietly started off in the direction the men had gone a few moments ago. It was silent until he stepped on a dead branch that let out a snap that sounded more like a gunshot. He froze and could not help but look back toward Abby, who started yelling at one of the women loudly. The other one, the redhead, stared into the trees directly where Eric was standing frozen in position. Does she see me?

She stood and looked toward the woods, the other woman was completely occupied with Abby. Eric swallowed and crouched low, making himself as small as he could. Taking a couple of steps toward the tree line, she stood scanning the woods from a few feet beyond the fire. Her eyes stopped right on the spot where Eric crouched motionless. Sweat dripped down his forehead, and he blinked tightly to clear it from his eyes. The seconds felt like hours. She took another step toward the trees and stared for another moment. The other woman turned and shouted something at her and the redhead turned around and walked back toward the fire.

Eric stayed motionless for another moment before continuing on, being extra careful to watch exactly where he was stepping. He could hear what sounded like digging and decided to follow that. He figured it must be the two men, unless there were more people out here than he had originally thought. A few minutes later he reached the edge of a very large, moonlit clearing in the trees, and he saw that it was exactly what it sounded like: digging. The two men were digging holes side by side near the edge of the clearing. He watched for a few minutes, trying to figure out what they were doing.

The men stopped and argued a bit about the size of the holes. At least that is what Eric gathered from the few words he picked up. They waived their arms, and one emphatically stuck his shovel in the ground, took the other man’s shovel, and stuck it in the ground about six feet from the other one. This is how big it should be. At least in his mind that is what Eric imagined the context was. The other man seemed to agree and they both started digging again. They worked quickly, and within five minutes had a shallow hole dug, about six feet long and maybe three feet wide. A grave.

Instantly, he knew whom the graves were for. From his back pocket he pulled out a sharpened stick that he had found in another hole in the ground, much larger than these, while he had been searching for Abby. There had been about a half dozen of them stuck into the side of that hole. It looked like someone had used them to climb out of there. At the time, he had figured it could be a weapon, if needed. He was glad now that he had grabbed it. He would not fail to protect her this time. If he had anything to say about it, these two unsuspecting men were digging their own graves.




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