Faucet Face Glass Water Bottles – Review

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Faucet Face is a company that produces terrific glass water bottles in an effort to curb the senseless use (and waste) of plastic water bottles. Their bottles are more than just pretty – reusable glass bottles feature a BPA free cap and allow you to refill to your heart’s content from your tap or water pitcher rather than using several plastic water bottles per day/week/month/year. In the past, I have been guilty of using plastic water bottles, and so has my family. I was really excited when I was approached by Faucet Face to do a review of their glass bottles.

This summer, my daughter Keira joined the cross country team at her school. Running a few miles each day, as well as doing different workouts and weight training requires lots of water, especially in the summer heat. She was thrilled to have her very own reusable glass water bottle. She is able to fill it up, take it to practice, and refill it, over and over again. For her height, weight and activity level, she needs to drink a little over 100 ounces of water per day to keep from getting dehydrated. Having a cute, fun glass bottle to drink out of definitely helps. 🙂 She really likes the design and always gets compliments on it. The bottle has held up really well, too. We haven’t had any issues with it, and I know my twelve year old isn’t always as gentle as she should be with her belongings. This bottle has been tossed into her cross country bag on a daily basis for over a month and it is still going strong.

I have been trying to drink more water myself. I know I have a caffeine addiction, and I am trying to cut way back and possibly stop drinking pop altogether. Having a beautiful glass water bottle that doesn’t leach chemicals (as plastic bottles can) helps me to get more water in each day. I also love that I can take it with me. I can fill it up with icy cold water straight from my filtered pitcher and head out the door! It’s great to take on long drives to cross country meets, and I think it keeps the water colder longer than disposable plastic bottles do. I really like the ‘hose water’ design – I remember drinking water straight from the hose as a kid, so this bottle makes me smile.

Faucet Face Glass Water Bottles are better for you, better for the environment and better for the world. For every glass water bottle purchased, Faucet Face donates 5% of ALL sales plus a complete filter for each sale of 5 or more individual bottles to the clean drinking water charity Third Millennium Awakening (TMA). This helps to provide clean drinking water for impoverished rural areas. Awesome, right?! You can learn more about Faucet Face’s 1 for 100 program here.

At just $12 each, Faucet Face Glass Water Bottles really pay for themselves in the long run. If you think about how much money you spend on bottled water every day…every week…every month…every year…$12 is just a drop in the bucket. It gets you an awesome glass bottle, that you can reuse over and over again. Plus, you’re helping Third Millennium Awakening (TMA) make the world’s drinking water safer. It’s a win-win situation for sure.

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  1. This is the first time I have heard of this company. I love that the bottles have designs on them so very cute.

  2. It is always so annoying to not be able to refill the plastic bottles once in the car and I am glad there is another option available. They are even cute, which is all the better 🙂

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