Finding the Right Relationships: How to Avoid Toxic Partners by Dr. James A. Farmer, Ph. D


JamesAFarmer_FindingTheRightRelationships_HR (1)Finding the Right Relationships: How to Avoid Toxic Partners by Dr. James A. Farmer, Ph. D

Healthy men and women deserve healthy relationships with other men and women who can offer solid emotional support, understanding, a spiritual connection, and love that can withstand outside pressures.

Finding that kind of relationship is fraught with obstacles–people who are poison to themselves and toxic to others. How can you find a lasting relationship while also avoiding toxic people?

Finding the Right Relationships: How to Avoid Toxic Partners is the in-depth, practical guide book to finding and growing meaningful, life-long connections with people who share your philosophy on life, your goals, and your desire for a healthy relationship.

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All people have their own personal definition of the meaning of happiness. Happiness is based on their individual perception of what they believe makes them feel good. For example, a ballroom dancer, a drug user, and an actor will most likely define happiness differently. Some of us believe we can find happiness in healthy relationships. We spend a lot of time and effort searching for the right partner, someone who has also developed their own expectations and standards in their search for a partner. These expectations develop from our cultural values and personal beliefs on what we think we should seek in a companion. We are bombarded with TV shows, magazine articles, movies, celebrities, Hollywood, and books showing us the psychology of relationships and how to select the right partner. Meanwhile, the latest statistics show that every other marriage ends in divorce.

My point is, when a partner does not meet our expectations, we may feel disappointment and discouragement. For some of us, when we have a series of consistent relationship disappointments, we reach a point of “it is enough.” In the end, we realize there is no right partner, but a long line of disappointments, compromises, and settling for less.

In his book, Finding the Right Relationship: How to Avoid Toxic Partners, Dr. James Farmer gives the readers what they have been waiting for, a psychotherapist who is currently in the world of dating. Dr. Farmer shares his thoughts, personal experiences, and insight for making a good partner assessment. He presents systematic ways of getting results to all who deserve a meaningful and healthy relationship.

The book is a gift for all of us. It is full of common sense, wisdom, and straightforward ideas of how to make smart choices. Those who read Dr. Farmer’s book will develop an understanding of how you can become more effective in partner selection.

About the Author

James CROPPED 4James A. Farmer, PhD, is a counselor, developmental coach, and licensed psychotherapist who believes young people men and women should take charge of their own life. He advocates the integration of unique, insightful and effective strategies to help individuals to reduce life’s painful struggles and move forward. Dr. Farmer has dedicated his life to helping others find their purpose and live life more fully. He is the host of the Dr. Farmer show. Dr. Farmer is the founder and CEO of two business initiatives, the JAFA Group, Inc. and Rhodes Institute, that have helped many people improve their mental health. A graduate of the University of Northern Iowa, University of Iowa and the Ohio State University, he is a seminar presenter, and public speaking. In addition, he is trained in building authentic self-esteem, changing poor attitudes and a self-defeating mindset. James is a consultant/coach who works with the human side of businesses and a therapist who counsels individuals, couples and families.

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