Follow Friday Four Fill In Fun – 2/13/15

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The statements:
Did you notice that ____
___ is on ____ for____
Since____ I haven’t______
Would you ever_______?

My Answers:
Did you notice that February is half over?
Working at the library is on my agenda for Valentine’s Day.
Since October, I haven’t gone running. I don’t like running in the cold!
Would you ever skydive?


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  1. The closest we get to March to better! That’s when the weather should at least begin to change towards spring! This snow thing is frustrating! 😉 I would NEVER skydive! I have a fear of heights. I went up in the Needle once and hugged the wall! LOL

  2. Hi,

    We’re has February gone it has gone fast. Can’t believe it is about over my little guy will be 8 months old. But on a bright side spring is coming and as a Ohio person I am ready for spring.

    I would never skydive I am afraid of hights. Thanks for stopping by my blog have a great weekend.

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