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Framed and Frosted (Cupcake Catering Mystery Series)
by Kim Davis

About Framed and Frosted

Framed and Frosted (Cupcake Catering Mystery Series)
Cozy Mystery
3rd in Series
Publisher: Cinnamon & Sugar Press (June 22, 2021)
Number of Pages: 323
Digital ASIN: B092W8TKCC

Framed and Frosted, the third book in the Cupcake Catering Mystery series, finds cupcake caterer, Emory Martinez, working at a Laguna Beach society Fourth of July soiree, with her sister and their new employee, Sal. With a host that seems intent on accosting both catering employees and guests alike, things go from bad to worse when he accuses Sal of murdering his long-dead son.

As the crescendo of exploding fireworks overhead becomes the backdrop for cupcakes and champagne, a deadly murder occurs. Can Sal and Emory explain why the cupcake the host ate, after shoving a trayful of buttercream frosted cupcakes onto Sal, resulted in his death? Or will the guests and detective alike believe that Sal is a murderer? Emory and her octogenarian employer, Tillie, whip into action to find out who framed Sal after being frosted by the victim.

Includes recipes!

Character Guest Post – Brooke Blogs

Framed and Frosted
by Kim Davis

When my reclusive, elderly, great-aunt Pansy tried to guilt trip me into escorting her to her goddaughter’s Fourth of July soiree, I knew I should have run in the opposite direction. Instead, as her only nephew, I allowed myself to be coerced into going when her two sisters, Petunia and Poppy, added their own pressure. “Will Trenton,” they said, “it’s your God-given responsibility to honor your elders and Aunt Pansy has need of you.” Adding to their pressure was the unspoken threat of being disinherited, and truth be told, I heavily counted on receiving those future funds. And then Aunt Pansy ditched me the evening of the party and sent me by myself despite not knowing a soul. While the event was held at a gated, ocean view cliff-side mansion, the Dîner en Blanc theme was over-the-top for what should have been a patriotic celebration. Everyone had to wear white and despite the food being white, the caterer managed to make it appealing and honestly quite delicious. But, that’s the only good thing I can say about the party.

The host and hostess, Arthur and Lisette Jorgensen, certainly weren’t the mostest, and from the very start, made their guests feel unwelcomed. Their ex-NFL lineman lookalike bodyguard, Tiny, glowered at each attendee as we entered their home; the guests were overserved with Arthur being chief among the over-imbibers; Lisette snapped at and threatened the caterers, who were working as quickly as possible given the demands of the party. But what made me more than uncomfortable was when Arthur manhandled the caterer’s sister, Emory, as she served dinner. Those seated closest to the host should have assisted in rescuing her from his meaty paws, but instead they laughed. It made my blood boil but since I was seated at the opposite end of the thirty-foot table, I couldn’t interject myself. I had the very best intentions when I stopped Emory from serving the next course and made the catering assistant, Sal, take the plate to Arthur.

It was as if firework explosions had erupted early when Arthur saw the young man! Accusations of murder were thrown around and I wouldn’t be surprised if a wine glass or two weren’t broken in the melee. Lisette finally enlisted the help of their bodyguard to remove her husband from the party. I’m sure I wasn’t the only one who rolled my eyes when she blamed his beastly behavior on a medication interaction. The rest of dinner proceeded smoothly but when the caterers began passing out cupcakes as the first fireworks burst overhead, Arthur made a beeline for Sal. Unfortunately, the bodyguard was nowhere in sight to stop the collision. Before the explosions and smoke could clear, Arthur was dead and Sal was covered in buttercream frosting. I’d like to say that after being questioned by the police, my involvement ended, but, as an attorney, I got pulled in whether I wanted to be or not. After all, it was my fault that I put Sal in the crosshairs of Arthur’s rage. I feel like it’s my responsibility to keep him from prison and to keep Emory from becoming another victim since she seems intent on finding the killer.

About Kim Davis

Kim Davis lives in Southern California with her husband. When she’s not spending time with her granddaughters she can be found either writing stories or working on her blog, Cinnamon, Sugar, and a Little Bit of Murder or in the kitchen baking up yummy treats. She has published the suspense novel, A GAME OF DECEIT, and cozy mystery, SPRINKLES OF SUSPICION and CAKE POPPED OFF. She also has had several children’s articles published in Cricket, Nature Friend, Skipping Stones, and the Seed of Truth magazines. Kim Davis is a member of Mystery Writers of America and Sisters in Crime.

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