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Today we celebrate the release of The Goddess Effect Revealed!

Congratulations Lori!

Lori will be giving EVERY person that buys a copy of her book April 2 – 4 a FREE gift!

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Author Bio: Lori Snyder is an author and motivational speaker; she has been featured in various magazines and publications both nationally and internationally. As a Speaker, Author and Certified Professional Coach, Lori is an expert in helping others discover their greatness. She is known for being on target in her coaching practice. Lori has a natural love and connection with people and is gifted in being able to tap into their essence after knowing them for a short period of time.



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Book Genre: Self-Help/Non-Fiction
Publisher: Balboa Press –
A Division of Hay House
Release Date: March 31,
Buy Link(s): Balboa

Book Description:

Book Description:

Choose Conscious Living

Conscious living, just like living in the moment, involves being aware of what’s around you and choosing to make the most of what you’ve got, but it takes things a step further. Conscious living brings in the added factor of making certain choices that can bring you the life you desire.

Conscious living is living on purpose. You choose how you want to live your life and then live that way.

Follow these strategies to live consciously and help bring your goals to fruition:

  1. Set priorities in your life. Decide what’s most important to you and live according to these priorities.

  • For example, you’re watching TV and your significant other comes in and wants to talk about something that’s important to him/her. What do you do?

Option 1. Do you turn off the TV and listen attentively to him/her? Do you make eye contact and focus on him/her?

Option 2. Or do you let him/her try to compete with the TV, having him/her speak over the TV noise while you multi-task – listening to him/her and watching TV at the same time?

With conscious living, surely your significant other is a priority over the TV, right? Can you imagine how special you’ll make him/her feel when you choose to actively and completely listen? When you live like your relationship is a priority, your relationship benefits greatly.

  • Having clear priorities makes it easier for you to make decisions about your time, money, and other important matters.

  1. Choose to have an optimistic attitude. As we’ve already seen, this conscious living choice can have an enormous impact on your life.

  • Each morning when you wake up, tell yourself that this day may be your best day ever! Helen Keller once said, “Life is either a daring adventure or nothing.” We don’t know ahead of time all the things the day will bring, so look forward to it with anticipation as an exciting adventure and live your day accordingly.

  1. Simplify your lifestyle. Put the things into your life that you want there, according to your priorities, and eliminate the things that merely serve to clutter it up and cause confusion and stress. Life is complicated enough! Why complicate it further with things you don’t even want?

  • Events and activities that eat up your time and take away from your family time are a good example of things you can eliminate from your life. Your hectic lifestyle can be a major cause of distractions and stress! Will it really matter if you decline a couple of parties or miss a PTA meeting here and there? Once you get used to putting only those things in your schedule that you feel are a priority, you’ll wonder why you didn’t learn to say no sooner!

  • Is your house or office space cluttered? Once again, eliminate what you don’t want or need. Take a weekend to go through everything in your house, organize what you want to keep, and give away what you no longer have a use for.

  • Eat dinner at home with the family. Use this time to catch up with each other, share your day, and show support and love. Make this time a priority and you’ll soon see some of your family stressors melt away as you build strong relationships that will last a lifetime.

  1. Live according to your principles. Remember, when you live consciously, you’re choosing your life. Let your principles guide you in making your priorities and decisions. Above all, get clear on your values, standards, and principles so you can be true to yourself.

Living consciously gives you a chance to start demonstrating the life you desire. You may not have as much money as you’d like, or you might want to lose some weight, or you may be seeking your soul mate, but following these strategies puts everything in motion.

With conscious living, your thought processes are emitting energy harmonious with attracting what you want and your actions are in accordance with them. Rather than spending your time focusing on your lack, you spend your time and energies choosing your life and living it to the fullest, thus attracting more good things in return.

Your vision will become clear

only when you look into your heart…

Who looks outside, dreams.

Who looks inside, awakens.”

~ Carl Jung



The Goddess Effect-Revealed Is more than just a book, it is a process to tap into the essence of your inner Goddess to attract, develop and create a beautiful union of body, mind and spirit.


Goddess unleashes a seven-week program that delivers remarkable results in helping people to make transitional shifts towards an extraordinary life.


Lori Snyder moves through the sessions with ease and joy. She is very clear, precise and inspiring. She helps others to begin feeling empowered along their journey towards building a life they love, one that works just the way they always wished it would.


  • Session One: See Believe Become
  • Session Two: Financial Success Makeover
  • Session Three: Career Blastoff
  • Session Four: Power of Goals
  • Session Five: Limiting Belief Buster
  • Session Six: Blissful Relationships
  • Session Seven: Inner Image Magnificence


As A female you have natural strengths and intuition, along with an abundance of inner and outer beauty. Learn how to release your inner spirit and tap into your feminine magic to begin living your life successfully, with authentic love, intention and happiness. It is this moment, that will help create your next special moment, make it count. Take action and start creating amazing beautiful change in your life TODAY.


How Gratitude Can Attract What You Want Gratitude plays a big part in attracting your dream life. Feeling thankful for your blessings attracts more things for you to be thankful for! Even if what you’ve got isn’t much, it can be increased a hundred fold by being thankful for it. In addition, when you show your gratitude to others for something they’ve done for you, they’re more inclined to do even more. Gratitude strengthens the bonds of friendship and increases the loyalty of business associates. Here’s some food for thought: If you can’t feel gratitude for what you’ve got now, will you ever feel it, or will you just want more? Follow these tips to show your gratitude on a daily basis and reap the benefits: 1. Tell others when they make you happy. The need to feel appreciated is one of our basic human needs. Fulfill that need and share the love! A simple “Thank you” can make their day. • Your parents and children love to know when they’ve made you happy. Make it a habit to thank them often. • Letting your significant other know how much you appreciate them and all they do will strengthen your relationship. It can also start a cycle of you both doing nice things for each other because you know how much the other one appreciates it! • Your friends also like to know that they bring value to your life. Every so often, do something special to show your gratitude. • Co-workers, business associates, and clients also like to know they’re appreciated. When they do something for you, be sure to say “Thank you” and let them know how much it means to you. Offer to reciprocate by helping them when they need it, too. • Remember to thank the clerk at the bank, the customer service rep who went out of their way to solve your problem, or the store employee who helped you find what you were looking for. • The more you make it a point to thank those who make your life better, the more you find to be thankful for. After all, you don’t want to be taking things for granted! 2. Keep a gratitude journal. At the end of each day, reflect on all that is good and write it down in your journal. Reading about all the things you’re thankful for can also lift your spirits and motivate you. 3. When you awake, give thanks for the day ahead and all its wonderful possibilities. Before you fall asleep at night, give thanks for the day you just had. Feeling gratitude every day keeps the good things coming. Nothing’s too small to be thankful for. If you find a penny on the ground, be grateful for the gift. Even if you desire greater wealth, be thankful for the paycheck you just got. Gratitude helps you feel fulfilled with your life and it sends out energy with those good vibrations! “If you want to turn your life around, try thankfulness. It will change your life mightily.” Gerald Good Over-Deliver on Your Promises Another technique that helps you attract the life you desire is to give more than is expected. When you give more to others (as opposed to taking more), you’re sending out energy that attracts good things back to you. Consistently over-delivering on your promises suggests a mindset of excellence and abundance. Aren’t these some of the important qualities included in your dream life? When you generously give more than you promise, you make others happy. You also feel good about yourself, which strengthens your self-esteem and self-confidence. These are the very traits that you see in anyone who is successful. So by increasing these qualities and traits within yourself, you’re setting yourself up for success in achieving your life’s desires. Use These Mind-Altering Tools to Change Your Life To transform your mindset into one that attracts what you want, it’s necessary to incorporate your desired thoughts into your subconscious. Your mind is like an iceberg, that is, the conscious part of your brain is the top 10% and the hidden 90% is your subconscious. It’s also your subconscious that controls 90% of your actions and virtually all of your ideas and attitudes that affect everything else in your life. In essence, it controls you. There are some simple strategies that allow you to access your subconscious. The goal is to input the ideas and attitudes you desire into your mind on a continual basis so that gradually your mindset changes to what you want. These strategies allow you to mold yourself to your heart’s desire through your subconscious! Follow these tips to make lasting changes to your subconscious so you can attract your desires: Positive Attitude. It is all about believing in the idea that your attitude affects your life and what happens to you. You have to believe in the idea that a positive attitude equals positive results. You have to start looking for proof. It shouldn’t be hard to find, since positive influence is all around. Try it out for yourself. There is no better proof than seeing it firsthand. Take one day and commit to having a positive attitude all day. Take notice of how others react to you. Here are some samples of maintaining a positive attitude: • Upbeat and cheerful • Looks at the glass as half full not half empty • Can find the beauty in anything • Thinks of the good before the bad • Loves life • Avoids negative words • May seem silly at times • Loves to have fun • Never puts others down • Genuinely cares about those around him/her • Looks for ways to make others lives better • Is a giver, not a taker • Does not hurt others • Can see the solution over the problem • Willing to work towards goals There are many ways you can begin to shape yourself into a positive person. Take some of your favorite tips below and put them to use in your life to help you become the positive person you strive to be. Every time you start to find your thoughts drifting to the negative, you have to make a conscious effort to make them positive instead. It helps to train yourself to always find the positive in anything. If you train your thoughts to go to the positive it will go a long way towards keeping a positive attitude. By maintaining a positive attitude and letting it lead you to good, you are allowing your attitude to become your ally. Positive self-talk. Your mind engages itself in a conversation – or rather monologue – the entire time you’re awake. Since you spend all day talking to yourself, why not tell yourself things you want to hear? Keep it positive and good benefits will follow!



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