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Showing someone you love them is a big deal.  The feeling of love is such an important one, so why not tell your loved ones why you love them!  Hallmark helps us share our feelings without those awkward moments!  As are fast approaching Mother’s Day, now is the time to remind your mom why and how much you love her!

“Contrary to popular belief and tweets, Hallmark did not invent Mother’s Day. It was former President Woodrow Wilson who was the first to officially declare the holiday in 1914. Although Hallmark didn’t create the holiday, Hallmark does work year after year to help families celebrate the mother figures in their lives in an authentic and meaningful way.”

To help you celebrate the 100th anniversary of Mother’s Day with the special women in your life, Hallmark would like to share a gift pack that includes a Pics ‘N’ Props gift and a Mother’s Day greetings pack featuring cards from the collections outlined below.
·         Pics ‘N’ Props: Memories are ready and waiting to be homemade with Pics ‘n’ Props — a fun and easy way to make a DIY Mother’s Day gift! New for 2014 is a “We Love You Because” kit that includes a chalkboard and four-photo frame, allowing multiple family members to call out their favorite things about mom or grandma.
·         Sarah Jessica Parker Collection: This collection includes 12 Mother’s Day cards created by a stylish mom herself — Sarah Jessica Parker. Parker worked with the Hallmark creative team to pair vintage artwork from the Hallmark archives with modern touches and embellishments. The designs feature simple, authentic and heartfelt messages, perfect for your mom and friends.
·         Hallmark Signature Collection: Celebrate mom or grandma with a card as unique as she is. With beautiful papers, rich textures and unique embellishments, each card in the Hallmark Signature Collection is handcrafted to be extra special, just like mom. 
·         Magic Prints: Magic Prints is a line of greeting cards and gifts designed for kids to give mom or grandma a hand (their handprint) without a mess! New card designs for 2014 include Disney® characters, Peanuts® characters, as well as a baby’s footprint format — perfect for first-time moms.  

Hallmark sent me a few Mother’s Day cards to share and this beautiful and very fun Frame Kit!  The card I want to share with you today was my favorite from the batch.

I have reserved this card for my Mom.  She could never be replaced, even as she is no longer with us.  Every day I am reminded of why I love her.  Many reason pass through simple looks in my daughter’s face or the giggle of my son.  She lives on in all of us and will never be replaced.

Onto the very fun frame I mentioned!  Hallmark has made a “We love you because” Frame Kit!  It includes a chalkboard and chalk to create a personalized gift.

I love this frame kit!  It is a perfect way to get the children involved with memories.  I personally hang a ton of frames and photos on my walls.  I love looking at all of our memories!  This frame will fit in perfectly with the others on the wall.

Lucky you!! Hallmark wants to give THREE of you lucky readers a few goodies!!!  I just love sending greeting cards for every occasion and even just because, and Hallmark has the best. Not only that, but I love all the other gifts and thoughtful items you can pick up in their store. I’m so excited to share the Hallmark Cards and Surprise Giveaway here on Brooke Blogs. Check below for details on how you can enter to win!

The Giveaway:
How to Enter: Please use the Giveaway Tool below!

Prize: THREE WINNERS!!!  –  Each will receive a 10 pack of Hallmark Greeting Cards and a special surprise from Hallmark!

Dates: Starts May 6, 2014 6:00 pm EST.  Winner will be chosen May 16, 2014  11:59 pm EST.

Sweet Cheeks and Savings received all products in this post as part of a Mother’s Day campaign.  There was not monetary compensation received.  All opinion are owned by Sweet Cheeks and Savings. 


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  1. Spending the day playing cards with my mom and sisters and eating pizza one of the last Mother’s Day we had with her.

  2. My favorite memory would be my girls coming home from school with something they have made for me. I always did love their crafts.

  3. My favorite Mother’s Day memory is when my now grown son made me crayon drawings when he was little. I could not really make out the images and used little questions to coax out what they were. I never did figure out my son’s drawing this time and he became frustrated and exclaimed that “It is King Kong on the Empire State Building. “Of course,” I responded, “I need to see if I need eyeglasses.” He said, “Yes, then you can see better.” I’ll never forget that day. He made me laugh so hard. 🙂

  4. My favorite Mother’s Day memory would be from long ago, when my great-grandparents were still alive. My brother and I went to Sunday school all dressed up, and then went out to my great-grandparents house in the country. Memaw made her traditional homemade biscuits, my grandmother and mother helped out with the big lunch spread, and I got to help. My brother and I got to run all around in the yard, and after lunch I also got to help with cleaning up. I was on “drying duty” even though I’m sure I wasn’t doing a very good job. My mother had just handed me a plate dripping wet and it slipped out of my hand. Smashed everywhere. I was shocked. My mother yelled at me. My grandmother got on to my mother, and Memaw just laughed.

    1. Aww! That sounds like a fun memory. I have memories of me breaking dishes when I was younger, too. I tried many times (unsuccessfully) to convince my mother that I just wasn’t meant to do dishes LOL.

  5. My favorite Mother’s Day memories are definitely the ones I’ve made since I’ve become a mother myself. My girls are so sweet and I love the little drawings and homemade gifts.

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