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Recent research suggests that journaling, or writing down one’s feelings or experiences down on paper, may have some deep healing effects on the psyche. In fact, many psychologists believe that journaling is an effective way to deal with harbored emotions and stifled memories, and may help relieve negative emotions, if only temporarily. Many individuals keep a journal, or what is commonly referred to as a diary, to recount their journey through life. Some people even keep gratitude journals which they believe helps to keep them staying grounded and happy throughout the day.

Journaling has existed for thousands of years, and are often the direct link to the history we teach in schools today. Some individuals enjoy collecting journals, and will go out of their way to make their journal special and unique to them. These individuals will purchase journals with intricate designs or even leather exteriors. Many stores and online businesses cater to the needs of these journaling enthusiasts. Handcrafted leather journals from jennibick.com is just one example. With so many people using a computer as a means for expressing themselves, there are still a few individuals who enjoy the unique creative ability that stems from a pen hitting the paper.

It is known in the study of psychology that journaling does indeed have a therapeutic effect, and may even help reduce feelings of anxiety or depression. Although not a cure for these issues, especially for extreme cases, many psychologists and therapists have used journaling as a tool to effectively communicate with their clients. When clients find it hard to express themselves verbally during a therapy session, many therapists encourage them to write down their feelings. Often, the individuals who do struggle with speaking verbally can express their emotions more fully when speaking to a piece of paper.

Journals can be fun, and can be used by both children and adults. Some schools are introducing the journalling concept into their programs; however, the majority of campuses across the United States alone are heavily interested in typing over writing. Thankfully, journaling does not seem as though it will take a downturn any time soon, with more and more people discovering the benefits of this daily practice. When incorporated into one’s day, journaling is often found to be habitual. Some people who journal will find themselves drawn toward the practice, especially when they were inadvertently forced to delay it for a time.


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