Hello!  I’m Brooke, and I’m glad you stumbled upon my blog.  I’m just getting started in the world of “Mom Blogging”, but figured I’d jump right in.  I guess I should let you all know a bit about me!  I’m a 29 year old mom from Ohio.  I’ve lived in the same county my whole life.  I have two daughters who are my world.  Keira is 10 and Natalie is 1.  I’ve been a stay-at-home (and sometimes work-at-home) mom since January 2011, but am looking to get back into the workforce soon.  I am an independent consultant for thirty-one gifts, soylicious.com and Avon.

I have been taking surveys and reviewing products for several years, and thought I would take the next step and start my own blog.  I will be blogging about parenting, good deals I may find, and my life in general!  I’ll also be bringing you reviews of products and services I love, and hopefully some giveaways as well.  Stay tuned as my site continues to grow!