iPhone 5 Armband Review from Red Star Tec #AB701

FTC Disclosure: I received an iPhone 5 Armband for review purposes. This did not influence my opinion. This post contains an affiliate link – thank you for supporting Brooke Blogs.

The iPhone 5 Armband from Red Star Tec is a sports armband that packs some great features into one small armband. I liked that my iPhone 5 was able to easily go in and out of the armband without issue. The band adjusts to fit different arm sizes and can be used both by me and my twelve year old daughter. The armband stayed in place while walking and running. It did seem like the openings on the armband itself for the headphone jack and the camera were not where they should be – I could only access one of these while it was in the sleeve. If the headphone jack was over the hole in the armband, the phone was in backwards and I couldn’t use the screen. This is fine for me when working out though, because I choose a workout station on Pandora or iHeart Radio and I don’t touch it until I’m done working out. Other than that, this is a great armband and much more comfortable than others I have tried. I also love the little pocket on the armband – it made it easy to slip a house or car key right in while I was working out and not have to worry about it falling out of my pocket.

★Fits Like A Glove – The Iphone 5 slips in and out of the armband easily with no force required. It’s a perfect Holder for your iphone or ipod and will even fit with slim cases. Keeping your Iphone secure and protected while you workout.★
★Unisex & Adjustable – With 2 options of arm size along with a strong velcro strap, you have an armband that will adjust to your arm size. Making the AB 701 the perfect UNISEX armband. Just wrap the band around your arm and listen to you music while you exercise, Run.★
★Comfortable – Using Neoprene for the AB 701 gives you 3 big advantages: – 1. The armband is soft and never cuts or grinds against your skin. 2. Being lightweight ensures that the armband is never a burden. 3. You will have a washable armband that easily bends to the shape of your arm.★
★Clear plastic screen – protects your phone from the rain and scratches . Easily view what’s playing and access your Iphone or Ipod interface without any difficulty. You can run, ride, lift and more without missing a second of your favourite tunes. ★

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