It's #ShareYourCare Day! #ZachKapCares


zachsycWoohoo!! It’s #ShareYourCare Day! September 9th is National Care Bears #ShareYourCare Day. I think it’s no coincidence that September 9th is also National Teddy Bear Day. 🙂 The Care Bears are hoping to help an awesome 10 year old named Zach Kaplan. Zach has a mission to gift children in need with a soft bear to hug at night. The Care Bears are helping out by donating 400 Care Bears plush to Leake & Watts, a head start program serving 8,000 in New York City and Westchester County! The Care Bears are encouraging fans to spread caring, sharing, love, friendship, acceptance, fun and happiness to those around them that day, and each and every day of the year!

shareyourcare_WEBWhen I had the opportunity to sign up to be a #ShareYourCare Day ambassador, I jumped at the chance. Too often, we hear about the negative things going on in our world. If we all took a moment each day to do something kind for someone – without anticipating anything in return – our world would be a better place. It doesn’t have to cost a thing to #ShareYourCare. It is as easy as helping someone carry their bags, assisting a neighbor across the street, or sharing a toy with a friend. I’m hoping to participate in #ShareYourCare Day by helping some of our library patrons. I work at my local public library, and nearly every day, I have the opportunity to make a difference for someone through a small act of kindness. I’ll be encouraging my daughters to be part of the #ShareYourCare crew as well.

How will you #ShareYourCare today? Be sure to join the official #ShareYourCareCrew at They will be collecting everyone’s testimonials will be collected and shared at a later date. 🙂

Sharing is Caring

I received no monetary compensation for posting about #ShareYourCare Day and being a #ShareYourCare Day Ambassador. I may receive a thank you gift at a later date for sharing this post.


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