Kennywood and Sandcastle 2016 Discount Codes #Kennywood #SandcastlePGH

kennywood_logo_pngLiving near Pittsburgh, PA means Kennywood is a must-visit amusement park. Kennywood boasts six rollercoasters, a Kiddieland, and some incredible attractions such as Noah’s Ark (overhauled for 2016!). I had the pleasure of visiting Kennywood two summers ago with my family and we had a wonderful time. And, though our girls don’t know yet, we’ll be visiting Kennywood next weekend! They’re having a Celebrate America weekend from June 30-July 4. There will be nightly fireworks and lots of special events (including special admission prices).

My girls are going to be so surprised when they wake up next Saturday and find out we’re going to Kennywood. I know we’re in for a fantastic day full of family fun that will stay with our girls forever. Have you ever been to Kennywood? If so, what’s your favorite ride? Or your favorite food? There’s nothing in the world like Kennywood’s world-famous Potato Patch fries! Make sure you check out Kennywood on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. I’ll be posting an update post soon showcasing our day of family fun at #Kennywood – and be sure to follow me on social media. I’ll be posting about our day at Kennywood live while we’re in the park on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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sandcastlelogoLooking for some waterpark fun this summer? Look no further than Sandcastle Water Park. Sandcastle features water rides and slides, waves, rivers, pools and even kiddie slides. There’s plenty of games, food and even a boardwalk. You won’t feel like you’re in Pittsburgh, PA – you’ll feel transported to a beach town! I visited Sandcastle on a field trip when I was younger and we had so much fun that day. The park is just beautiful and I’m sure that it’s even better now than it was. While I won’t have the opportunity to visit Sandcastle this summer, I’m hoping to take my girls soon. Have you ever been to Sandcastle? What is your favorite thing about it?

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***For a special Brooke Blogs ticket discount, visit Sandcastle online to purchase tickets. You can also visit their website and use discount code BrookeBlogsBlog16.

Disclosure: I will receive free tickets to Kennywood in exchange for my blog posts and social media shares. No monetary compensation is received, and all purchases made within the park, as well as transportation, will be paid for by me. My opinions are my own, and even though this is a sponsored post, I was not influenced in any way.


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