Last Wool and Testament: A Haunted Yarn Shop Mystery by Molly MacRae

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lastwoolandtestamentLast Wool and Testament: A Haunted Yarn Shop Mystery by Molly MacRae

Thank Goodness It’s Fiber: That’s the name of the spunky group of fiber and needlework artists founded by Ivy McClellan, Kath’s beloved grandmother. Though Ivy has recently passed on, the members still meet regularly at her fiber and fabric shop, The Weaver’s Cat, which Kath has now inherited. But that’s only the first in a series of surprises when Kath returns to the small town of Blue Plum, Tennessee, to settle her grandmother’s affairs.There’s been a murder, and it turns out her grandmother was the prime suspect. Before she can begin to clear Ivy’s name, Kath encounters a looming presence in the form of a gloomy ghost. It turns out the specter has just as much interest in solving the murder as Kath. So, with a little help from the members of TGIF-and a stubborn spirit from beyond-she sets out to unravel the clues and hook the real killer . . .

In the first book of the haunted yarn shop mysteries, Kath is heading back to little Blue Plum, Tennessee, for her granny’s funeral and to sort out her affairs. Little does she know, her world is about to get turned upside down…a few times! Other than the devastating news of her grandmother, Ivy’s death, Kath discovers that one of the local police officers believes her granny, who he likes to refer to as “Crazy Ivy”, is responsible for the murder of Emmett Cobb. Kath sets out to clear Ivy’s name, and experiences many kinks along the way.

This was a wonderful, witty mystery. I was intrigued right from the very beginning. I loved that Molly wove some paranormal elements into the story as well. I was kept guessing up until the very end. I purchased this through Audible, and Emily Durante did a fabulous job with narration. I felt like she did the characters justice.


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