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makemeupMake Me Up by Avery Flynn
Killer Style #3
Entangled Ignite
February 16, 2015

Murder, mayhem and makeup…

Former special ops-turned private-investigator Cam Hardy leaves a trail of broken hearts wherever he goes. He’s all charm and sex appeal, and who can blame him for putting it to good use? Besides, it works damn well on the stunning and tough-as-nails makeup artist Drea Sanford. Only this time, Cam may be in over his head…

Drea is trying to keep her naughty affair with Cam a secret. After all, he’s Harbor City’s version of a Casanova…if Casanova had a motorcycle. When Cam makes their hot little liaison known to the public, however, Drea vows never to have sex with him again. Then one of her clients turns up dead. Now Drea is suspect number one—and she needs Cam’s help. But sleeping with him is one thing…trusting him is quite another.

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Hot Motorcycles, Hot Men and Hot Trouble

Hi all, Avery Flynn here. Thanks so much for letting me hang out with you today. To say thank you I brought along Cam Hardy, the hero from my new release Make Me Up. Cam, say hi to everyone.

Cam: Hey there.

Avery: So let’s just get this whole reputation of yours out of the way.

Cam: Reputation?

Avery: You know the whole panty-dropping, knee-knocking ladies man reputation. It’s blown out of proportion, right?

Cam: *Laughs* Sure, if you say so.

Avery: Come on. The stories can’t all be true.

Cam: The one about the triplets, that’s not true—they just all happened to look a lot alike. But all of that is in the past now.

Avery: Because of Drea Sanford?

Cam: No comment.

Avery: Come on, you have to give us something. I hear she doesn’t really like you.

Cam: Like isn’t the word I’d use, but she definitely *ahem* likes me.

Avery: Care to go into detail?

Cam: Not with you. *winks*

Avery: Okay, I see that whole military background of yours comes in handy at times. Tell us a little about your history.

Cam: What’s to tell? Boy leads life as petty criminal. Boy gets a second chance, joins the military and spends the next ten years running secret ops in South America.

Avery: Yeah, that seems like a really boring story. I bet you’d tell it to Drea.

Cam: What makes you think I haven’t?

Avery: What is it about Drea that intrigues you?

Cam: The better question is what doesn’t. The woman is something else.

Avery: Is there anything you wouldn’t do for her?

Cam: Not a damn thing.

*Fans self* Thanks Cam. Now here’s an excerpt from Make Me Up introducing you to Cam from Drea’s perspective at the beginning of the book. I hope you enjoy it!

Drea got out of the seat and turned around to face him, but she was lost for words when she realized standing up had just given him a better view. Cam’s green-eyed gaze took in her entire body. Then he grinned, pissing her off and drenching her panties at the same damn time.

If anyone could carry off absolutely wicked and totally charismatic at the same time, it was Cam. She itched to run her fingers through his thick mass of tousled honey blond hair. His murky green eyes were full of dark promise, the kind she knew he could deliver.

And then there was his body. She could eat Jell-O off of his tanned washboard abs and the gelatin wouldn’t have the courage to jiggle. Being near him was like standing at the edge of the subway platform as the train whooshed by—exhilarating, dangerous, and addicting on a completely visceral level.

But he’d broken her rule. The one thing she’d asked him not to do—and he’d gone and done it anyway. She wasn’t sure whether knowing he’d done it without thinking made the situation worse or just sad. But she couldn’t keep seeing him if she couldn’t trust him to keep this a secret. Hell, after that kiss, there was no secret. Cover blown. Everyone knew.

Time to cut her losses. Breaking it off now was the smart plan.

“I know what it is.” He stood up and closed the distance between them. “You’re embarrassed because you think someone saw your tongue push its way into my mouth—accidentally, I’m sure. And heard that sweet, soft moan of pleasure—”

She pushed her hand against his chest and forced him back. “Get over yourself, pretty boy.”

He didn’t even blink at the insult. “You want me. I want you. The sex is amazing. Why are you fighting so damn hard against letting people know we’re together?”

“Because we’re not.” She had no plans to trod down the well-worn path to Cam Hardy’s bed again. “You knew the rules when this thing started.”

“No going public.” His gaze pinned her to the spot, and he looked at her like she was the only woman in the world. “Look, babe, give me another chance.”

It made her mouth go dry and other places get wet. They’d had one hell of a wham-bam-thank-you-ma’am twisting of the sheets, but they’d known from the start this was temporary. She’d known it. He’d known it. They’d agreed to keep it secret.

“It’s over.” Drea took a single step away from him.

He moved lightning fast to get in front of her, his bulk blocking her view of the rest of the group. “Don’t go away mad, babe. Let me make it up to you. Tonight. My place. No one has to know.”

She tossed her cup and plate into the trashcan. “Charming.”

He threw up his hands in frustration. “Around most people, I am.”

“And I’m not most people.” Pushing her point home, she traced a finger across his broad, sinewy shoulders and used the softest hint of pressure to nudge him out of her way so she could march across the grass to say goodbye to her best friends. “You should remember that.”

“As if I could ever forget.”

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