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Welcome to another fun post in a series of summer guest posts on Brooke Blogs featuring authors and bloggers! Thank you to Kathy from Cozy Up With Kathy for stopping by today to tell us a bit about how she got started blogging. Be sure to leave a comment and let us know what you think of the post!

I am, above all, a book lover. I love to read books and share my love of books. I grew up in a book-loving family and don’t remember a time without books in my life. I read all sorts of books too, although, at this point of my life I mainly read and promote mysteries! Even more than the conundrum of the actual mystery, I love the characters and settings. If an author hasn’t given me people I like and places where I wish to hang out, no matter how good the actual puzzle, it won’t be a favorite book.

But what led me from being a voracious reader to becoming a book blogger? It started with a desire for me to write more. I started a personal blog and wrote daily on any subject that crossed my mind. After two years I decided to narrow my focus and start a new blog, a mystery blog, and Cozy Up With Kathy was born.

I started small, only intending to post twice a week and hope for an author interview once a month. I now generally post 4 times a week (Always Sundays and Wednesdays, usually Tuesdays and Fridays, and occasionally Mondays and Thursdays. It’s very rare that I post on a Saturday, but certainly possible.) I post author interviews and guest posts as well as character guest posts, character interviews, reviews, and periodically my own literary musings. I also run a coordinating Facebook page. Not only do I share links to the content of this blog, with previews of what’s coming, but I share lots of other content from authors and other bloggers. I also participate in online parties! I had so much fun being part of Kathi Daley’s Halloween Spooktaculars, I decided to host my own Winter online parties, Yes, I plan on hosting one this December too!

Blogging is not my only interaction with the mystery community. Even before I began blogging I was a member of Sisters in Crime, the international organization that promotes female crime writers. I joined when I was a police officer in Austin, Texas and was a member of the Deep in the Heart of Texas chapter. When I moved back to Western New York I discovered that the closest local chapter would require a border crossing late Thursday nights! Although it took several years of wishing and thinking, I finally got a local chapter that was truly local. Author Barbara Early and I founded Murder on Ice, the Western and Central New York Chapter of Sisters in Crime.

My love of reading has led me to love promoting mysteries and their authors. I enjoy spreading information, awakening interest, and kindling a desire in others to seek out and enjoy books. I hope I’ve piqued your interest in me and my blog and its coordinating Facebook page. I’d love to hear from you!

About Kathy

Kathleen J. Kaminski is a bookworm with a myriad of interests including art deco architecture and Victorian funerary art, not to mention mid 19th-century Utopian societies.

As a former police officer who currently works on the forensic unit of a psychiatric center, Kathy is naturally drawn to mysteries. She’s the Kathy behind the blog Cozy Up With Kathy which features author interviews, reviews, and other mysterious topics. Although the focus of the blog is cozy mysteries, Kathy is a voracious reader and welcomes all genres to her library and her blog.

Kathy lives in Western New York amid piles of books, five cats, and tons of crafting supplies. She is Co-Founder and currently serves as Vice-President of Murder on Ice, the Western and Central New York Chapter of Sisters in Crime.

Twitter: @KatreaderKJK


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