Mini Winter Bloggiesta 2015 – Finish Line #bloggiesta


Well folks, it’s all over. The Mini Winter Bloggiesta 2015 is officially in the history books. How did you do? Did you complete all your #bloggiesta tasks this time around? I didn’t, but I think I did fairly well! I actually got several things done that I wanted to, and scheduled more posts than I planned. My blog email inbox is cleaner (which wasn’t on my list, but should have been) and I responded to all the outstanding review requests that were hanging out in my Review Requests plug-in area. By the way – if you are a book blogger and you haven’t checked out the Review Requests plug-in from Creative Whim, you need to. It is fabulous! Anyhow. I am planning on continuing to work on my blog more consistently and I still want to accomplish the things on my list. I’ll be working on those and trying to figure out my to-do list for the next Bloggiesta, a week-long event from March 23rd – 29th. Be sure to click the button at the top of this post to check out other Finish Line posts and to learn more about the bloggiesta in general.

Original To-Do List:
Write at least 2 product reviews.
Schedule at least 5 posts.
Revamp my sidebar.
Do at least two mini challenges. – I will be doing these late, on my own.
Update my blogging spreadsheets. – I will implement these this week! Ahhh.
Begin implementing my blogging planner.
Figure out an issue I’ve been having with a plug-in.
Reinstall StatCounter.
Add tsu social media button.
Comment on other Bloggiesta participant blogs. – Done some of this, but still going back through to do more.
Check out and make plans to complete past mini challenges.


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    1. Hi Candy! LOL Yes – I did a good deal of reading this weekend, which likely put me behind on my bloggiesta stuff. Either way, it was a great time. 😉 Thank you so much for popping by!

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