Mr. Pete, Where Are Your Feet? By Katherine Bartlett – Children's Book Review

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Mr. Pete, Where Are Your Feet? By Katherine Bartlett
Paperback, 36 pages
Published March 5th 2014 by Createspace

Mr. Pete, a beautiful blue parakeet always hears his mom asking him where his feet are. After a while, he starts to wonder himself and goes out looking for them.

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My Thoughts

Mr. Pete, Where Are Your Feet? by Katherine Bartlett is an adorable children’s book featuring several different birds. The illustrations are cute and I enjoyed the story line. Mr. Pete’s owner asks him about his feet each day, and he realizes that his feet are different. He begins to think that he won’t be loved as much if he doesn’t have ‘normal’ feet and he and the other birds begin looking for his toes all throughout their different cages.

The story has a great lesson, that everyone is different. And that different isn’t bad, it just makes you special. My younger daughter and I both enjoyed reading this cute story together.

I received a complimentary PDF version of this book for review purposes.


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