Murder on the Toy Town Express by Barbara Early – Guest Post + Giveaway

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Murder on the Toy Town Express by Barbara Early
A Vintage Toyshop Mystery #2

Liz McCall has come to love running her father’s vintage toyshop back home in East Aurora, NY, so when the Train and Toy Show comes to town, she’s all aboard for a fun toy-filled weekend. The only hitch is that her childhood bully Craig McFadden, now local business rival, has set up a booth next to hers. But the fun and games are over when Craig falls from the ceiling in a publicity stunt gone wrong.

What was initially thought to be a fatal accident proves much more sinister. Pulled into the case by her feelings for both Ken, the police chief, and Jack, her high school sweetheart whose brother is one the prime suspects, Liz dives headfirst into the investigation. But as she digs deeper, she’s shocked to learn her father may have been the intended target.

The trouble train is barreling down and Liz may have just bought herself a first class ticket in Murder on the Toy Town Express, Barbara Early’s delightful second installment in her Vintage Toyshop mysteries.

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Brooke Blogs Character Guest Post

Liz McCall, here.

One of the oddest things about being an adult is being put into a situation that makes you realize that so many of the hurt feelings and angst that we all go through in our childhood and teen years…well, maybe we’re not as “over it” as we’d like to believe.

Take Craig McFadden. (And as Dad would probably say, you can take him as far away from me as you’d like!)

The bully was the bane of my existence all through elementary and junior high. I tried to brush much of it off. I knew he’d had a rough life, being bounced from foster home to foster home. But the tormenting just got worse. Dad dealt with some of it, especially when it escalated to physical assault when he tried to push me into my locker. Shortly after, he was sent away to some juvenile facility and I didn’t see him again until…he moved back and set up his comic book shop just down the street.

Things would be better, I told myself. Surely he’d grown. But the looks he’d give me when I encountered him on the street or in the grocery store! Let’s just say, I kept as far from him as I could.

Which is what really gave me pause when I discovered our toy booth at the big Train and Toy show was right next door to his comic booth. Dad’s here, though. And the center has security.

I’m sure everything will be just fine…

About the Author

Barbara Early earned an engineering degree, but after four years of doing nothing but math, developed a sudden allergy to the subject and decided to choose another occupation. Before she settled on murdering fictional people, she was a secretary, a school teacher, a pastor’s wife, and an amateur puppeteer. After several years living elsewhere, she and her husband moved back to her native Western New York State, where she enjoys cooking, crafts, classic movies and campy seventies television, board games, and posting pictures of her four cats on Facebook. She writes the Vintage Toyshop series and the Bridal Bouquet Shop Mysteries (as Beverly Allen).

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  1. Really enjoyed the first this series. Lookinh forward to reading “Murder on the Toy Town Express”.

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