Pageants have become a billion-dollar industry. Little girls, teens and young women are dressed to the “nines” in long and short formal and semi-formal dresses. Most dresses are beaded with Aurora-Borealis (AB), diamond-like jewels that are similar to those used in competitive figure skating.

Little girls are the largest competitive group in the many pageants around the U.S. year round. Most of them wear “cupcake” dresses. A cupcake dress has a skirt constructed from layer upon layer of organza that has been tightly surge-hemmed at one end to give it a “ruffled” look. Stiff tooling is also used. Cupcake dresses usually have puffed sleeves or are sleeveless. An emerging cupcake-dress trend in sleeves is the off-the-shoulder look with small capped sleeves.

Cupcake dresses have embroidered, lined bodices. Jewels are added to glitz cupcake dresses. Jewels run at around $150 per gross (144) small AB jewels. These can be removed from an old pageant dress and added to a new one. Current trends have simplified dress jeweling with less jeweling currently in vogue.

Parents can shop girls pageant dresses at There they will find a stunning array of cupcake dresses, quince dresses, pageant jewelry and formal shoes. Contestants will also find adult pageant dresses at this site created by famous pageant-dress designers.

A mom who has a “pageant princess” should always check with her daughter’s pageant coach and actual pageant representative to make sure that her daughter’s cupcake dress and other pageant attire is in line with the pageant’s requirements.


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